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One of the most common concerns we hear when talking to potential clients is that using a software such as Levelset will cost them – or one of their colleagues or employees – their job.

Using a lien software doesn’t mean you’ll lose your job. On the contrary, lien software is a tool that – when fully understood and implemented correctly – can secure your position as the office hero. Let lien software make you better at your job. Here’s how.

Get Rid of the Guesswork

How much time do you spend researching, checking resources, and second guessing your understanding of your lien rights? Where are you keeping all of your data? How are you tracking your projects? Deadlines? Mailings?

A good lien software will manage all of these things for you. It will take your information and automate routine actions, calculate and manage your deadlines for you, give you prioritized lists of recommended actions, and send you a weekly summary of all your projects.

You will no longer be left guessing what your next task is, you’ll simply be able to take action.

Increase Accuracy

Lien software is much more accurate than manual processes. For example, Levelset has spent years consulting with leaders in construction, law, risk management and collections to build a software that encompasses every lien law, document, and requirement in every state. We put thousands of hours into accumulating this information so you don’t have to.

A quality lien software has the resources in place to research and verify the information you are providing and, when needed, the resources to correct that information.

Increase Efficiency

Using a lien software properly will simplify your workday and free you up to take on more projects. With Levelset you will have 24/7 access to your account anywhere you have an internet connection. It works whenever you do.

Do you you have multiple users with different authority? Are you doing business in different lines of work or with different locations using different sets of rules? You can customize nearly everything with good lien software. What about other software that is part of your daily grind? Good lien softwares integrate with other platforms to make your job as pain free as possible.

The final word: Lien software exists to make your life easier and make you better at your job. It is a tool that exists to empower you to be as efficient, accurate, confident, and successful as possible.

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