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Mechanics liens are a last resort. Nobody likes liens, and in a perfect world, payment disputes would never get that far. But sometimes filing a lien is necessary. When it’s time to file a lien, a claimant must be sure they’ve crossed all their t’s and dotted all of their i’s. One of the most important parts of this process is including the correct filing fee. Beginning June 2nd, recorders’ fees for Oregon mechanics liens will almost double in cost.

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Oregon Mechanics Liens: Recorders’ Fees to Double In June

Recently, Oregon legislature passed HB 4007 and the governor signed it into law. In doing so, the cost of filing a document in Oregon is going up across the board. Beginning June 6, the Affordable Housing Fee assessed on Oregon filed documents will TRIPLE from $20 to $60.

Of course – this is only one of several fees assessed when filing Oregon mechanics liens. So the total price isn’t tripling. To file a lien, it will be closer to double the overall cost. The cost for filing an Oregon Notice of Completion (and really any filed Oregon document) will also be going up, as well.

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Why Raise Fees?

State governments use the filing fees on recorded documents for a number of reasons – one of which is typically to provide funding for state affordable housing initiatives. In Oregon, document recording fees are actually the only dedicated source of funding for affordable housing services and combatting homelessness. Passing HB 4007 will go a long way to help provide for Oregon affordable housing – in fact, it will increase funding to the tune of an expected $61M over the next two years. Immediately, $8.9M of that was earmarked to help build housing for homeless veterans.

Oregon Isn’t Alone

Oregon isn’t alone in raising its filing fees. In fact, it’s following suit from neighboring California just last year – California fees rose dramatically after passing SB2. Louisiana raised fees last year, too. With legislative sessions rounding up heading into summer, it wouldn’t be terribly surprising to see a few more states do the same.

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Oregon Mechanics Liens: Filing Fees Shoot Up In June
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Oregon Mechanics Liens: Filing Fees Shoot Up In June
Beginning in June, recorders' fees will shoot up for those filing Oregon mechanics liens and other recorded documents. Funds from the increased fees will go toward Oregon affordable housing initiatives.
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