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“What if you never had to worry about getting paid on a construction project again?”

That’s the question that starts off a new video released by levelset this week, and it’s not a pipe dream. Accounts receivable issues are a concern for every business, but unlike any other industry, the construction industry can secure all of its receivables and avoid writing off bad debt on nearly every occasion.

Of course there is a dilemma with mechanics lien compliance, and it’s something we’ve tracked here on the Construction Payment Blog for years: Complying with the mechanics lien laws is complex. In fact, it’s so complex that businesses of all sizes very frequently forego compliance not because they don’t want to file a mechanics lien, but simply because they don’t have the energy to devote to the process.

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Is there a solution to this?  The new video presents levelset as the solution.

Unlike anyone in the mechanics lien and preliminary notice business,levelset has revolutionized mechanics lien compliance.levelset’s service and system breaks down the lien compliance issues based on project, project type, and contractor or supplier role, and then makes it easy to electronically record or deliver the documents to protect your lien rights.

“We’re excited about the publication of this video because we think it does a terrific job of summarizing our offerings in just 2 minutes,” says Scott Wolfe, CEO of levelset. “The mechanics lien remedy is great for the construction industry, but it’s complexity is a real problem. This video shows companies that they need not be intimidated by these compliance issues.”

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