It’s hard times for the United States Postal Service, and has been for years. The news is cluttered with stories over the past three or four years about the USPS raising postage rates and facing bankruptcy. Most recently, it was announced that the USPS will change the way it delivers and sorts First Class mail. The plan is now in-progress, and it may affect the sending and delivery of preliminary notices.

According to reports from the Associated Press, starting this Spring (now!) the USPS will be closing facilities and making cuts to first class mail that will slow delivery and “for the first time in 40 years, eliminate the change for stamped letters to arrive the next day.”

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Depending on the state where you are furnishing materials or labor, this could be a very, very big deal.

States that require preliminary notices either require the notices be sent or received within a certain period. In those states that require notice be sent within a certain period (i.e. in California), the change in first class delivery times will have little to no effect. However, in those states who require receipt of a preliminary notice or other notice within a prescribed time, those sending these notices must take the new postal system’s structure into account. If the delivery will be one or more days longer than before, that means you have to get those notices out of the door faster.

Preliminary Notice Deadlines May Be Impacted By Slower First Class Mail Delivery
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Preliminary Notice Deadlines May Be Impacted By Slower First Class Mail Delivery
USPS announced budget cuts that will impact the speed of first-class mail delivery. How will this impact preliminary notice requirements?
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