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Construction Payment Blog and Levelset ‘s Mechanics Lien resources are stuffed with information about the mechanics lien laws as they vary from state-to-state. This post will provide some filing and procedure best practices for recording a mechanics lien specifically in Orleans Parish, New Orleans.

What You Need To Know About Filing An Orleans Parish Mechanics Lien

Typically, recording procedures will be standard throughout an entire state.  Some states use the same filing fees no matter the county, town or parish.
One practice that Orleans Parish follows that is constant throughout the state is legal-size paper.  All mechanics liens recorded with the Clerks of Court throughout Louisiana must be filed on legal-sized paper, 81/2 x 14 inches.  The clerk may still accept documents on the letter-sized paper, but anticipate an additional $15 surcharge for the error.  Additional fees will also accrue if incorrect margins are used.

You can find all of the filing requirements and fees on their site:

Orleans Parish Clerk of Court

Now, it wouldn’t be New Orleans without doing things a bit differently. Orleans Parish mechanics liens are required to be stamped in Notarial Archives before filed in the Recorder of Mortgages Office.  And you know what that means- additional fees!  This is a rare occasion where 2 checks are required for filing.  Both can be made out to the “Clerk of Court.”  One check will take care of your filing fees, and the other will cover Notarial Archives (NA).  Any documents ranging from 1-10 pages are $20 to be stamped in NA, and any exhibits are an additional $10.

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If you are filing your mechanics lien in person, be ready to take a trip up to the 5th floor for Notarial Archives then back down to the 4th floor for the Recorder of Mortgages.  If you are mailing in your documents, they will make sure everything is sent to the proper offices as long as you include a cover letter advising them to record in the Mortgage Office after stamped in Notarial Archives (nothing fancy).

Should you wish to have a copy returned to you, be sure to include a self-addressed stamp envelope and include fees for your copy- they vary by color or black and white.

While the filing procedures can be tricky – following the above guide will ensure your Orleans Parish mechanics lien gets filed correctly.

Louisiana Mechanics Lien Law: Information on Filing in Orleans Parish, Louisiana
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Louisiana Mechanics Lien Law: Information on Filing in Orleans Parish, Louisiana
Your guide to filing an Orleans Parish mechanics lien! Know your eligibility, requirements, format, and benefits when filing in Orleans Parish, Louisiana.
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