There are thousands of construction lawyers across the US, with fierce competition in most metro areas. How do you set your law practice apart to win new clients? The Levelset Community is a free forum that puts attorneys directly in front of thousands of construction businesses seeking legal help each week.

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At Levelset, our mission is simple. We help folks in the construction industry get paid for the work they do. But as anyone in the industry knows, getting paid can sometimes feel like its own full-time job. We want to change that.

The Levelset Community is an important part of this mission. When contractors can’t find answers to their legal questions on our website, we point them to the Community, where they can get help from construction and payment experts in their region.

The Levelset Community is a completely free service. Free to sign up and free to use. When people connect and share, everybody wins.

Your next client needs your advice

Each month, over 250,000 construction professionals visit our website seeking help and advice on payment disputes, liens, and more. In the Levelset Community, real people in the construction industry post questions every day.

Construction law is often complex, with specifics varying from state to state. Of course, folks in the construction industry know that better than anyone else. That’s why they come to Levelset — to get answers they can trust from lawyers and experts in their region.

Contractors ask hundreds of new questions every day. As a lawyer, when you register on our site, you will get notified about new questions in your region. You can also track specific topics and tags.

Answering questions is an easy, powerful tool for demonstrating thought leadership and getting in front of a large audience of potential clients.


Jason Lambert Florida Lien & Construction AttorneySomething like [the Levelset Community] has been needed in the industry for a while. I’m happy that it exists and I’m really happy that I get to be a part of it. It’s been a benefit to my practice. It’s been a benefit to my education as a professional.

– Attorney Jason Lambert

Share ideas, network, and build with other lawyers

The best attorneys all have one thing in common — a passion for continuing to learn and improve their craft. The law is constantly evolving, and precedent and analogy are powerful catalysts for interpreting the law and winning cases.

The Levelset Community is more than just a place for construction attorneys to meet potential clients. It’s also a digital platform for construction lawyers to learn, share, and discuss construction issues with other attorneys and construction experts around the country.

You know that particular melding of the minds that happens at a law conference, not only from the speakers themselves, but also when attorneys are milling around between presentations, sharing ideas and stories? That’s the kind of collaboration the Levelset Community replicates  in the digital sphere. Particularly in our current time, when it’s difficult to imagine when one will be able to attend a conference again, this type of collaboration is especially pertinent.

The Levelset Community is dedicated to continued learning through our monthly free CLE courses, as well as our Legal Alerts, where Community lawyers weigh in on law changesand relevant cases.

Other ways Levelset boosts your digital authority

We are eager to give lawyers who are active in the Community more face time with our users. Each week, Levelset’s weekly webinar series brings in hundreds of contractors, subs, and other construction professionals. These informative webinars give presenters a captive audience of potential clients, eager to learn about specific topics relevant to the industry.

We are always looking for new presenters and topics, whether specific to a given region or applicable more generally. If you have a topic you’d like to present on, reach out to us! We’d love to feature you. After the presentation, we provide a crisp video recording for you to share on your own platforms!

The Levelset blog is another high-traffic medium to share your perspective and get in front of potential clients. We regularly feature advice from construction attorneys across the country, and host guest blogs from other lawyers. Check out our recent piece by Mark Cobb, who provided unique behind-the-scenes insight on his involvement in drafting Georgia’s new lien laws.

Got an itch to write? Learn more about our contributor guidelines, and pitch us!

The first digital construction community

The Levelset Community is the first of its kind. We are creating a space where those who work in every facet of the construction industry can come together to connect and share — and we’d love to have you join us.