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Webinar: N.O.I – Your Secret Weapon to Get Paid in Construction



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The goal of sending a Notice of Intent is to get you paid and avoid having to file a lien at all. If you didn’t contract with the GC or property owner directly, they may have no idea that you’re having a payment problem. And chances are, they would like the opportunity resolve your payment issue before they get a surprise lien on their job.

When an invoice or account goes into default companies have many options to collect. However, in the construction industry, one option rises above the rest: the notice of intent to lien.

This document doubles as a standard demand letter or dunning letter, but it has the added benefit of warning about important claim rights and involving more parties than simply a company’s customer.

This presentation discusses:

  • What a notice of intent to lien is
  • How an NOI can work to get you paid without needing to resort to a lien
  • Why NOIs are so effective
  • How to tell if an NOI is the right option for you, and when to use it