This is the main page for articles about construction payment in Wisconsin. When compared to other states, contractors in Wisconsin enjoy relatively straightforward construction laws.

In terms of mechanics liens, any party, no matter which tier they occupy, can file one. Likewise, all parties on a project are required to submit a preliminary notice, which should always be done regardless of the law. In this way, construction law in Wisconsin simplifies many things that contractors struggle with in other states. However, there’s more to construction law than securing payment. That’s why our blog includes topics like lien waivers, notices of intent, property sale, and guides to news and legal updates to the construction industry in Wisconsin.

If we haven’t written an article about your particular issue yet, you can always visit the Expert Center. The Expert Center is a place where contractors can ask questions to get answers from construction attorneys and other payment specialists. Browse the already asked questions, or ask your own for free to get construction payment advice that’s specific to your circumstances.

Lastly, the Construction Payment Resources page for Wisconsin is a great place to find the notices, documents, and forms that you may need for your next job. As you’ll soon find out, getting paid on construction projects in Wisconsin is a breeze with the right resources on your side.

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