Monthly Notice

Here, you can find all the articles about monthly notices. Most states in the country only require you to send one preliminary notice in order to retain your lien rights. However, a handful of states have a monthly notice scheme in place that requires you to send more than one.

The three states that require recurring, monthly notices are Texas, Tennessee, and Louisiana. Each of these three states has its own rules regarding monthly notices, but the sentiment is the same. Preparing and sending these notices on time can be a bit of a hassle, and they don’t have the same exact function as your run-of-the-mill preliminary notice found elsewhere.

If you work in one of these three states and you need help with monthly notices, browse the articles below. If your concern wasn’t addressed here on the blog, you can ask your question on the Expert Center to receive free advice from a construction attorney who’s familiar with these requirements.

Although they can be more hands-on than regular prelims, you can easily learn how to use monthly notices to get paid without much trouble at all.

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