Each state has its own unique set of construction laws, and Indiana is no different. Although they aren’t regarded as the most complex in the country, construction law in Indiana requires a little bit of research if you want to get paid on time in the construction industry. This is the homepage for articles about construction payment in Indiana.

To make construction payment in Indiana a little simpler, you can browse the articles below that cover topics such as mechanics liens, preliminary notices, notices of intent, lien waivers, bond claim rights, and guides to the newest changes in Indiana construction law. By staying on top of the latest construction news, you can better plan for future projects and make better financial decisions.

If you need more information on a topic or your question wasn’t answered here on the blog, you can ask it on the Expert Center page for Indiana for free. The Expert Center is a place where construction attorneys and payment specialists give advice to parties up and down the payment chain on any given project. You can also browse the questions that have already been asked for some insight.

Lastly, the Construction Payment Resources page compiles all of the notices and documents that you’ll need on construction projects in Indiana. With all these great tools, guides, and resources at your fingertips, getting paid on construction projects in Indiana has never been easier.

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