Exterior view of the unfinished Campus Hotel in Riverside California

At least four contractors have placed unpaid construction work claims worth $3.87 million against the unfinished, 126-room University Campus Hotel at the University of California Riverside, according to the Riverside County clerk’s office. 

General contractor American Multifamily and three additional subcontractors have placed the active and unpaid construction work claims — commonly referred to as mechanics liens — against the 120,000-square-foot hotel as of December of 2020. 

A mechanics lien is administered by unpaid contractors or material suppliers to gain a security interest in a serviced property. While the mechanics lien claim is active, the property owner can be seriously hindered when attempting to sell or refinance the property. 

Mike Curry, a senior project manager from claimant subcontractor Guy Yocom Construction, told Levelset the project is “in foundation still” as of December 15, 2020. 

The project first broke ground around January of 2019, and Google Maps data from that time period indicate the project was originally manned by California general contractor Build Group

A spokesman from Build Group could not be reached to verify or for comment. 

Each unpaid construction work claim was filed pursuant to California mechanics lien statutes

Four mechanics liens worth $3.87M filed against University Campus Hotel

The four claimant contractors are owed a combined $3,874,136.53 for their work in constructing the unfinished University Campus Hotel, located at 1277 University Ave, Riverside, CA. 

General contractor American Multifamily filed the largest and most recent lien on October 29, 2020, claiming they are still owed $2,158,964.03. 

A spokesman from American Multifamily could not be reached for comment. 

The general contractor is now facing two mechanics lien claims from two unpaid subcontractors at the hotel project, totaling a combined $1,380,449.50. 

Guy Yocom Construction is one of the two claimant subcontractors awaiting payment from American Multifamily. According to Guy Yocom Construction’s lien affidavit from September 22, 2020, the subcontractor is still owed $1,205,699.50 after servicing structural concrete. 

On November 23, 2020, subcontractor Steeltech Reinforcing alleged Guy Yocom Construction owed them $334,723 in unpaid work at the University Campus Hotel project. The subcontractor’s lien affidavit states they supplied and installed reinforcing steel and post tension in accordance with a contract with Guy Yocom Construction that began in March of 2020. 

Aside from confirming his company’s lien claim was still active as of December of 2020, Guy Yocom Construction’s senior project manager did not comment further on the ongoing disputes. 

University Campus Hotel is slated to also include restaurants, conference rooms, a swimming pool, and a spa on the property.