Financial alert - Pennsylvania

In November 2021, Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf announced 266 new infrastructure, environment, and transportation construction projects across the state. With over $94 million in total project funding available, Governor Wolf’s announcement presents a sizable opportunity — and is welcome news for construction businesses in the Pennsylvania area.

The new projects are part of two recent decisions by Pennsylvania’s Commonwealth Financing Authority (CFA). Established in 2004, the CFA administers the state’s economic stimulus packages and is responsible for the funding programs and initiatives meant to contribute to Pennsylvania’s economic development.

The first of the CFA’s recent decisions approved 100 projects under Pennsylvania’s 2012 Act 13, which established funding for the CFA to spend on a variety of environmental and infrastructure construction projects.

In total, the CFA has provided over $10.4 million for the following areas:

  • Greenways and Recreation: $8 million in funding for 78 projects
  • Flood Mitigation: $1.3 million in funding for 10 projects
  • Watershed Restoration: $1M for 10 projects
  • Sewage Facilities: $40,000 in funding for two projects

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The CFA also approved 166 additional projects as part of the Multimodal Transportation Fund (MTF). The MTF provides grants for projects that improve the safety and reliability of transportation for Pennsylvania residents.

With over $84 million dedicated towards transportation alone, Governor Wolf has signaled his intentions to provide significant improvements to the state’s transportation infrastructure. 

“My administration has been clear about its commitment to infrastructure investments and upgrades in Pennsylvania,” said Governor Wolf. “This funding benefits commonwealth residents throughout our 67 counties and those visiting the state by making roads, bridges, and other infrastructure safer, more reliable and accessible.”

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Pennsylvania’s announcement of new construction projects is likely the trickle-down from the federal government’s recent infrastructure bill. In November, the House of Representatives approved $1 trillion in infrastructure spending that the White House predicts will add up to 2 million jobs and provide a much needed stimulus to the construction industry.

Complete lists of the recently approved Act 13 and MTF projects are available on the CFA’s website.