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The mechanics lien and bond claim laws are complicated, and numerous. You may already know this, but you may not realize just how often these laws change across the country.

Cases Are Decided Almost Every Day That Impact Your Lien Rights

Changes to the text of a state’s lien law is fairly rare, occurring about 5-10 times each year.

Unlike the slow approaching statutory changes, these important cases get very little press and most folks never hear about them. Whenever a change like this occurs most folks in the industry have fair warning. Prior to this type of law change the legislation must get introduced, passed, signed by the state governor, and then placed onto a schedule of enforcement. Industry groups dedicate a lot of press time to the change and everyone pretty much knows its coming.

But what about that court decision yesterday?  And the day before?  And the day before?

Mechanics lien and bond claim cases are decided by courts all across the country almost every day. Often, these court decisions make some significant change or interpretation to the state’s laws that impact how your company must comply with the legal requirements.

Unlike the slow approaching statutory changes, these important cases get very little press and most folks never hear about them.

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Our Lien Law Alerts Are Unmatched In The Industry

Legal integrity is very important to the services and information  Levelset provides.

Founded by construction law attorneys, we currently have three full-time attorneys on staff who are dedicated to a very high legal standard for our forms, resources and processes. This means a strong dedication to details and staying current with the cases that are decided by courts every day.

Last month, we published 11 Lien Law Alerts. That’s more than NCS or LienLawOnline published all last year. You need not take our word for this. Since we strongly believe in accessibly to lien law information and the lien process, we publish all of our legal alerts to this blog. Click on the “Lien Law Alerts” button in the top navigation to view the more than 225 alerts we’ve published.

To give you an idea of how much more complete this is than competing resources, consider this:  In May,  Levelset published

In May 2013, we published 11 unique articles about cases changing or impacting the nation’s mechanics lien laws., a service that actually sells these alerts, published nearly the same amount in the past year (13).  The same goes for NCS Credit, the self-proclaimed “educators” to credit professionals, who published only 9 updates in the last year.

Knowledge Is Power

When it comes to complying with the mechanics lien and bond claim laws, knowledge is power for your company. Protecting your security rights is a highly technical process that can be undermined by even the smallest mistake. Your company needs to have the knowledge about how to comply, and it’s essential that the service you trust with your A/R security be keeping up with the details and technicalities that can separate a strong lien claim from a weak one.

Get Updates When Your State Is Affected

Are you interested in getting alerts whenever we publish something that impacts the mechanics lien or bond claim laws in your state?  We offer this service to you absolutely free.  Just fill out this online form to select the alerts you want to receive, and never get behind on these requirements again.