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Following the construction of three separate projects at the John Knox Village retirement community in Pompano Beach, Florida, at least seven different contractors have filed unpaid work claims worth over $2 million against the facility.

According to the Broward County clerk’s office, the unpaid construction work claims — also known as mechanics liens — were processed against the retirement center’s new Aquatics Center, Welcome and Innovation Center, and a new restaurant building between November 6 and December 29, 2020. 

General contractor SeaCoast Construction has filed three of the unpaid work claims worth a combined $1.96 million against the property owner, John Knox Village of Florida, Inc., for servicing all three projects. 

SeaCoast Construction is also named in five lien claims from four subcontractors that serviced each project, totaling $96,121.29 in unpaid work. 

An active mechanics lien claim hinders a property title, which can prevent the property owner from selling or refinancing until the unpaid work claim has been satisfied. 

Each unpaid construction work claim was filed according to Florida mechanics lien statutes

John Knox village facing 10 lien claims worth $2M

The 10 mechanics lien claims filed by seven different contractors total $2,068,819.42 in unpaid work on three of John Knox Village’s new developments. 

SeaCoast Construction filed the largest individual lien claim to date on December 29, 2020 — worth $1,628,674.39 — against the $6.9 million Aquatic Complex, which houses two pools and two sports bars. According to the lien affidavit, SeaCoast construction serviced the Aquatic Complex between October 2019 and December 2020. 

Three additional lien claims have been filed against the Aquatic Complex, totaling a combined $34,577.08. 

SeaCoast Construction also filed the second-largest lien out of the 10 total claims: one worth $301,408.40 against the $3.9 million Welcome and Innovation Center, which opened its doors in July 2020.  

Three subcontractors have placed liens against the Welcome and Innovation Center pursuant to contracts with SeaCoast Construction, totaling $61,693.01 in unpaid work.

On December 29, 2020, SeaCoast Construction also filed a lien worth $38,142.74 against the Tropics Grille Restaurant at the retirement center. Shortly beforehand, on December 9, subcontractor Dixie Plumbing Service filed a lien worth $4,300 against the GC for work at the disputed restaurant project. 

COVID-19 vaccines administered at John Knox Village 

Amid the ongoing mechanics lien disputes at John Knox Village, the retirement facility has made local headlines for administering second rounds of the COVID-19 vaccine to residents and staff.

John Knox Village became one of the first facilities in the Sunshine State to offer the coronavirus vaccine, according to a CBS Miami report from earlier this month.

CBS Miami reported 90 residents and 80 healthcare workers received the Pfizer vaccine at John Knox Village the week of January 4, 2021. 

In the report, John Knox’s health director Mark Raymer said “a large number” of employees did not get vaccinated during the first rounds due to trepidation around the vaccine — but now many have changed their minds.

“The first go-round we really had no side effects, negative outcomes, a couple of nurses had chills for a few hours, but our elders were fine with it. We are very excited,” Raymer told CBS.