Exterior street view of the Durcon Industrial Plant in Taylor, TX

Following property damages caused by a December 2019 fire at the Durcon industrial plant in Taylor, Texas, three contractors have filed unpaid work claims worth $8.9 million in repair costs. 

Since October 2, 2020, the three mechanics lien claims have been processed by the restoration project’s general contractor, Belfor USA Group, and two subcontractors.

The Durcon industrial plant creates a wide variety of laboratory work surfaces and countertops. No-one was injured in the electrical fire at Durcon’s facility, which occurred on December 21, 2019.

When left unpaid at a construction project, contractors and suppliers alike can file a mechanics lien to help force payment. As an active claim against the property, a mechanics lien can prevent a property owner from selling or refinancing until payment has been delivered. 

Each mechanics lien was processed with the Williamson County clerk’s office pursuant to Texas’ statutes governing mechanics lien filings.

$8.9M in liens placed on Durcon plant 

The three mechanics lien claims total a combined $8,970,404.01 in unpaid work for repairs taking place at the Durcon industrial plant in Taylor, TX, located at 206 Allison Drive. 

General contractor Belfor USA Group filed the largest mechanics lien claim todate against property owner GSL Welcome Industrial Sub Nine, Inc. 

According to the GC’s lien affidavit from October 20, 2020, the claim totals $8,944,386.90 after furnishing the project between December of 2019 and September of 2020. 

Three days later on October 23, subcontractor ACM Services, LLC filed a lien worth $23,808.86 against Belfor USA Group for their role in servicing the Durcon industrial plant. ACM Service’s lien affidavit states the subcontractor also furnished labor between December of 2019 and September of 2020. 

Additionally, on October 2, subcontractor Lochridge-Priest, Inc. claimed they were owed $2,208.25 pursuant to a contract with the GSL Welcome Industrial Sub Nine, Inc. Lochridge-Priest’s lien affidavit states the subcontractor furnished HVAC installation and repairs. 

December 2019 fire at Durcon caused partial shutdown

According to a report from FOX7 in Austin, TX, An electrical fire at the Durcon plant began on the afternoon of December 21, 2019 and lasted until the following morning. 

After the fire, Durcon issued a statement saying they planned to have the facility fully operational within two months, and many parts of the plant escaped fire damage.

While the Durcon industrial facility “uses epoxy resin to make durable surfaces for laboratories and schools,” no chemicals were caught on fire from the plant, according to NBC affiliate KXAN

KXAN also reported that a fire suppression system located within the Durcon industrial facility prevented the fire from spreading throughout the entire building.