The calendar year is drawing to a close and so it’s time for all blogs and news outlets to start publishing its “top blah blah blah of 2012” articles. To fit in I’ve spent a few moments going through our Analytics from the past year to summarize the popular content from the past year.

Overall, it has been a successful year for the Construction Payment Blog.  Since the start of the year we’ve published over 500 new blog posts and articles, increasing our total word count to over 405,000 words. Our blog is the clear leader in providing commentary, information and updates on liens, security instruments and getting paid.

That’s a lot of content to plow through. So we’ve grabbed the highlights from 2012 based on site traffic, and here it is.

Preliminary Notice Articles

We love preliminary notices.  Management and filing of preliminary notices are the fountainhead of all lien rights. In fact, because preliminary notice laws are so convoluted, it is the most frequent reason why companies abandon or ignore the lien process.

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Well, we’ve expressed our love for the preliminary notice laws with content. We have over 110 articles under our “Preliminary Notice” tag.  The tag itself is one of our most visited pages.

Lien Law Alerts

Levelset and the Construction Payment Blog are the absolute leaders in providing case law and statutory law updates about mechanics lien and bond claim law changes. Our “Lien Law Alerts” tag contains over 160 individual blog posts reporting on legal changes.

Compare this to “Lien Law Online,” a service that sells lien law “eAlerts.”  Since 2009, they’ve only had 50 alerts.  Since 2009!

If you’re looking for quality mechanics lien law information we are the clear leader. Here is a glimpse at some of our favorite and most popular posts from 2012:

New York Mechanics Lien Extension Rules Cloudy With A Chance of Controversy

Blog Series on Arizona Preliminary Notice Case: Wang Electric Inc v Smoke Tree Resort LLC.

Mechanics Lien Form Download

Get free mechanics lien form

We're the mechanics lien experts. We offer forms made by attorneys and trusted by thousands.

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Lien & Bond Claim How-To Articles

Some of our most popular blog posts continue to be the how-to style posts, which provide users with how-to information on filing mechanic liens, bond claims and preliminary notices. While we urge you to consider a lien and notice service like Levelset instead of doing-it-yourself (b/c it’s smart to outsource this work), we want to provide you with the tools and information you need if you must or choose to do it yourself.

Here are some of the most popular how-to posts from 2012.

How to File A Mechanics Lien in California

How to File A Mechanics Lien – A Comprehensive Overview That Applies to Any State

These are just our two most popular how-to articles. However, we’ve published a bunch in this style and continue to do so tagging that content with “How-To.”  Read all of these articles by visiting our “How-To” tag.

Lien, Bond Claim and Preliminary Notice Free Forms

Another popular type of posts are those where we give away free forms and provide information on how to use the forms.  These forms include joint check agreements, mechanics lien forms, preliminary notice forms and bond claim forms.  Here are two of the post popular of these post types:

Free California Mechanics Lien and 20-Day Preliminary Notice Forms

Free Florida Mechanics Lien, Bond Claim and Notice to Owner Forms

What Happens Next…?

Another series of articles that are very popular falls under an informal “what happens next” category. This is not a formal category on our blog, but the informal category houses some of our more popular posts, such as:

What Happens After You File A Mechanics Lien

What Happens After You File A Bond Claim