At a time when Pennsylvania and Virginia are considering bills that would make it more burdensome to comply with the mechanics lien laws, it’s refreshing to see SB 371 in the New Hampshire legislature, which would extend the time lien claimants have to file a mechanics lien and open the laws up to design professionals such as licensed architects.

The bill pending in New Hampshire is actually quite modest in its complexity, suggesting only two changes.  First, it would allow “those who provide professional design work” to file a mechanics lien, and second, it would extend the mechanics lien filing period from 120 days (already a rather long period) to a longer 180 days.

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Here is the bill’s summary as introduced:

This bill adds design professionals to the tradesmen who are currently able to file and perfect a mechanic’s lien for nonpayment of work related to a construction project. The bill also extends the period of time a lien may be filed from 120 days to 180 days after work is completed.

And that just about says it all.  Track the bill at the New Hampshire Legislature’s website, and download a PDF of the Bill as Introduced.