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Construction law
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Construction law is a branch of law that governs the planning, design, and construction of buildings and structures, and payment rights for construction businesses. The practice of construction law involves a wide variety of topics, including government statutes and regulation, contracts, and disputes over project delays and payment.

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Contract law

Every project is governed by the terms of a construction contract. Find free resources, webinars, contract templates, and answers to your questions from the community of construction lawyers.

  • Free contract forms and templates
  • Free webinars and resources
  • Frequently asked questions
  • State-by-state contract requirements
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Payment law

Mechanics lien laws and prompt payment statutes, among others, set rules for the timing of payments and the penalties for failing to pay. Access the tools you need to enforce the rules, and ensure your legal right to payment is always protected.

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Payment law

Property law

Buildings don’t get built without property to build them on. Issues like Homestead protection, identifying a property, and the type of property owner can affect a project or delay payment.

  • How to figure out who the property owner is
  • How to properly identify property
  • Learn about homestead exemptions and protections
  • Other legal obstacles that could affect your ability to collect payment
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Property law

Licensing law

Unlicensed contractors risk fines or jail time and can lose any right to payment. Learn the rules and penalties in each state, and get advice from the network of construction attorneys to ensure you’re protected.

  • Guide to licensing, registration, and certification
  • Learn the types of contractors licenses
  • State-by-state rules and penalties
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Licensing law

Employment law

Construction businesses must comply with specific labor and employment laws like prevailing wage requirements, workers’ compensation, union rights, and more.

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Safety laws and environmental regulations

Construction is heavily regulated for safety and environmental protection. Businesses need to follow the rules set by OSHA, local building codes, the EPA, and many more.

  • Resources for safety law in all 50 states
  • Resources for environmental regulations
  • Q&As from lawyers in the community
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Environmental law
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