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When you’re balancing accounts receivable with the many other responsibilities needed to keep business running smoothly, staying on top of notice and lien deadlines and sending out payment paperwork at the right time might seem impossible. 

So, what does it look like to manage lien rights with accuracy and ease while wearing multiple hats? April Williams, the co-owner of Partnership Painting, and Wendy Hilton, who manages accounts receivable at Concrete Related Products, both have found that partnering with Levelset has helped them save time and stress while getting their companies paid.

How Wendy Hilton took charge and simplified her job

Wendy Hilton is a prime example of what it looks like to have one job, but many roles.  

“I am ‘my team’ in my organization,” said Wendy. “Being a team of five as one person is something I struggled with quite a bit. I didn’t have the experience I needed to be confident in my position.”

For a while, Concrete Related Products wasn’t sending out the notices they needed to send in order to protect their right to file a lien if a customer didn’t pay. As a result, money was slow to come through the door. 

Wendy has a lot on her plate — managing accounts receivable, estimating, project management, sales, and so much more. So, keeping up with time-sensitive lien deadlines and sending notices, while vital, was something that often fell off her plate. 

“The beautiful thing about Levelset is that all I have to do is my daily job… and as long as I’m doing my job correctly, Levelset does the rest.”

Wendy came across Levelset and decided to give it a try. Not only did customers begin to pay faster once she started sending notices through Levelset (in fact, she cut her DSO in half!), but also, Wendy’s job got a lot more simple. 

“The beautiful thing about Levelset is that all I have to do is my daily job. As long as I am keeping up with the invoices that I am putting into the system and making sure my dates and the customers are correct… and as long as I’m doing my job correctly, Levelset does the rest,” Wendy explained.

Wendy’s job got easier, and she became more confident in her ability to get the company paid. Wendy is less stressed because she is able to take charge with confidence in an area of her job that once seemed overwhelming. 

“I actually know what I’m doing, and I have confidence because I have [the Levelset] team behind me that will back me up,” said Wendy. “I know we’re going to be paid, and on time. If not, we know we have steps to take and people behind us to help us take those steps. It’s very reassuring now. I don’t have to worry anymore.”

Now that Levelset is in the picture, managing lien rights is one less hat that Wendy has to wear. 

How April Williams makes sure her company gets paid

April Williams also juggles multiple roles and responsibilities. 

“My role is one of the owners in the company. I am a project manager, and I am an assistant to our estimator. I keep the books and records straight so when we get ready to turn over to our accountant, everything is in order. I just wear multiple hats as part of the team of Partnership Painting Company,” said April.

Another key responsibility she has is collecting payments. “I’ve never wanted to be that person calling and saying, ‘when can you pay us?’ But that’s a role I have,” April said. 

April knew she needed to send a preliminary notice to protect her company’s lien rights on a big job, and she understood the importance of sending a notice within the right time frame. But, like Wendy, she wasn’t confident about sending the right notice at the right time. She decided to use Levelset to ensure she got it right. 

“Making sure that everything is being filed correctly and tracked correctly — it just takes the pressure off of you as a small business owner knowing that you have a company that is really working on your behalf to make sure you get paid,” explained April. “[Levelset] is very easy for me to use. Me, not being a person that knew anything about liens and the wording that should be used. A lot of people told me I could do this myself. And yes, I could do it myself, but, I could mess it up. Or, I can pay a professional company like Levelset to do it for me!”

With Levelset’s team of lien rights experts at her fingertips, April makes sure that her company gets paid. And, she wears one less hat as she navigates her responsibilities. 

When you’ve got a powerful solution to manage payment paperwork, you can spend your time focusing on other aspects of your job. Whether you need a one-time solution to protect payment on a specific project, like April, or whether you want a consistent partner to protect payment on every job, like Wendy, Levelset can ease your workload when you wear multiple hats.

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