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I’ve written a blog post in the past about a general good practice when preparing a mechanics lien claim with respect to the question of whether a claimant should or shouldn’t include miscellaneous costs, attorney fees and expenses in the claim.  The article is What Costs Can I Include In A Mechanics Lien?

This is a great general best practice, but doesn’t address the issue on a state-by-state level. This post answers the question with respect to Alaska.

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Alaska law specifically defines the amount that is able to be claimed in a lien as “the contract amount”, anything included in the contract price is allowed to be included in the lien amount, anything not included in the contract price is not allowed to be included.

Accordingly, in answering this question for Alaska, the answer is no.  You can only include a claim for the “contract amount” within an Alaska mechanics lien. Including additional or improper items in the Claim of Lien could potentially void the lien.

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