Digital marketing provides a whole new world of opportunities for marketing for construction lawyers. From writing blogs, to producing videos and webinars, connecting directly with clients and honing your craft-–there is no shortage of ways to engage online. 

With so many options available, though, some lawyers may feel unsure about how to start building their digital authority and online presence. 

We put together a list of tips for using the internet to bring in clients and build your brand. 

1. Remember: Powerful content can go further than just money

For many lawyers, the answer to marketing is to throw money at the problem. While paid ads and billboards can certainly help bring in clients, expenses for this type of marketing can stack up quickly. 

Creating organic content is a powerful opportunity that can save you tons of money over time. Those that can create powerful content can get their names at the top of search results organically, instead of having to pay to get there. 

Though building truly powerful content that ranks high on search engines can take time, it’s longevity is far more valuable. Lawyers that pay to have their websites rank high have to keep paying as long as they want to maintain that ranking. Organic content, on the other hand, can secure your brand a spot for the long haul. 

2. Employ SEO tactics

So how do you get your content to rank high on search engine results? That’s where SEO comes into play. Search engines use algorithms to determine what content ranks highest for a given search. SEO–or search engine optimization–refers to strategies for coercing the algorithms to rank content high.

Search engines do not make the inner workings of their ranking algorithms public. And digital marketing firms charge big bucks for techniques aimed at gaming the algorithms. However, there are some simple steps you can take to improve SEO for your content.  

  • Your piece should have a focus keyword or phrase. This keyword should appear in the title of your piece, as well as in the first and last paragraphs. It should appear throughout your piece, though no more than 5-10 times total. 
  • Use subheadings and include images in your content
  • Include a meta description. This refers to the little block of text that shows up on search engine results, beneath the title of a page and describing its contents. 

3. Work with other orgs in your industry to expand your reach

Building up organic content can take time. One way to expedite your digital authority is to not only create content for your own website and social media, but to partner with and contribute to other organizations. 

Seek out organizations that share the same customer base as you. For example, as a construction lawyer, you want to get in front of construction clients. So construction associations and trusted industry authorities provide great opportunities for collaboration. 

Some associations and websites may require you to be a member or pay a fee in order to contribute. If you’re looking to cut marketing costs, seek out free collaborative opportunities like the Levelset Community. Our site is visited by over 250,000 people in the construction industry every month. 

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4. Collect powerful backlinks to your website

One advantage of collaborating with other sites and organizations is the backlink you can get for your own website. Backlinks — or direct links from one site to another — are powerful SEO influencers. Particularly if you’re trying to improve SEO for your own site and build online authority, getting a link from a high-traffic site is invaluable. 

At Levelset, we’re always looking to help the folks in all facets of the construction industry. Claim your free profile in our lawyer directory, and we’ll provide you with a powerful backlink to your own site! 

5. Network with your peers

Another way to set yourself up for success is to connect with other lawyers and construction professionals. So far we’ve discussed techniques for directly reaching potential clients in the digital sphere. However, building professional relationships online with peers is a secondary marketing strategy that can promote and expand your brand. 

Word-of-mouth business can go a long way in the construction industry, so keeping your name top of mind can convert to winning clients. Networking opportunities used to come in the form of construction conferences, where people all over the industry could rub elbows and share ideas. In the wake of COVID, many of those communities and networking opportunities are moving online, to places like the Levelset Community

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