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Danny Stagliano
Danny Stagliano

Levelset’s QuickBooks integration lets you simplify and speed up payments to make construction paperwork as stress free as possible.

Connect jobs and invoices from your QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks Desktop account to easily send – and even automate – lien notices, payment reminders, and other payment paperwork to get your invoices paid faster.

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Speaker 1 (00:04):
Beautiful. Let’s get started here. Welcome to today’s webinar. Y’all really happy to have you all joining us from all over the country, as we talk through the level set and QuickBooks integration. So if you’ve joined this webinar, I’m guessing you use QuickBooks for accounting. But what about for managing cash flow? Fortunately level set and QuickBooks have partnered up to help you protect and speed up your payments while also taking the load of paperwork off your shoulders or your team’s shoulders. So, as we all know, this industry has not made it easy to get paid, but with this level set and QuickBooks partnership, you can easily send documents, stop missing lean deadlines, and most importantly, save time and get paid faster. So before we actually move forward, just wanna let y’all know we’re recording this session live. So you’ll receive a link to the recording tomorrow.

Speaker 1 (01:11):
If you’d like to watch it again or share it with your team or see my pretty face again. And if you have any questions during the presentation, go ahead, enter them in the Q and a that I mentioned on the right of your screen. And we’ll make sure that we’re getting to those questions at the end. So who am I? My name’s Danny stag. Leono yes, I’m Italian and I am a senior construction payment expert here at level set. I work to help businesses like yours, get paid faster and without payment problems, I’m going on three years at level set and I’ve brought on over 200 businesses. And all of them have seen some amount of success, be it avoiding nonpayment or growing to the lengths that they’ve want to grow, wanted to grow. So in case this is your first interaction with level set, love to give a brief overview of who we are and what we do. So level set exists to help subcontractors and suppliers get paid.

Speaker 1 (02:21):
We help construction companies secure, lean rights, protect against risk and speed up cash flow, all really huge things, right? In the, in the industry or in the industry. So we all know that the construction industry presents all sorts of challenges when it comes to getting paid right, 82 days, average time to payment. I always like to ask, like, imagine if you know, you’re waiting tables at a restaurant and you waited 82 days to get your, your paycheck, you can’t live like that. Just like a business can’t live, getting paid that slowly as well to solve those kind of, we have all kinds of resources from profiles, outlining contractors, payment histories to educational guides. And of course our level set cloud based software that all syncs up with QuickBook, QuickBooks, excuse me, which I’m going to walk you through today.

Speaker 1 (03:21):
So quick agenda. Obviously gonna take you through the level set and QuickBooks integration for both desktop and online applications. Yes. We work with both and I’m gonna give you a quick preview of how you can manage the process for tracking deadlines and sending your notices in any other lean rights paperwork, using our software in QuickBooks at the end, we’re gonna have about 10 minutes or so for questions. I’m sure we might be able to stay a little longer if we have to. And there’s also gonna be a way to reach out directly to me or my team here for some one-on-one questions as well.

Speaker 1 (04:06):
So why rank up QuickBooks and level set? Tons of our customers have done it, right? Quickbooks is an amazing program it’s affordable and it makes it really easy to do accounting. So of course, tons of our customers have, have made that connection to help them manage the payment paperwork. You can sync jobs and invoices over from QuickBooks, which makes it easy to create documents like notices, payment reminders, lean waivers, mechanics leans, and more because you’re gonna have all the info you need already being put into QuickBooks and being pulled over into level set. Even further, you can automate these documents, which is gonna help you or your team save even more time and make sure that your documents are always sent out the right way with the right information to the right people within the right deadlines. In short, you’re gonna save time and you’re gonna know it’s done properly.

Speaker 1 (05:13):
So just some bullets of different things that we’re gonna be pulling over from from QuickBooks customer info, job location, information, invoices, bills, payments, all that stuff are, is, are things that we can pull over and make it easy to track and level set. So you’re probably wondering, and it’s probably why we’re here. What exactly does it look like to have QuickBooks and level set integrated and how do you do that? So let’s just hop in straight to it, tracking those deadlines, creating those notices, filing mechanics, leads all that stuff, and more can easily be streamlined with our software. So here’s the level set dashboard, everything you could ever imagine doing in level set is gonna be able to be clicked on through this dashboard. Any jobs that pull over QuickBooks that you choose, that you want to be pulled over are gonna live in the track, your deadlines tab. I’ve already created a project it’s called Danny’s donuts. I’m a fan of alliteration and donuts. So it’s why we went with that.

Speaker 1 (06:36):
Everything from QuickBooks is being pulled over, right? So we can see Danny’s donuts with the address. 1 23 west main street in Mesa, Arizona who hired us Juris general contractors. Maybe some of you have worked with them before. I don’t know. When you first delivered materials, when you plan on last delivering materials as well. So we can see here that that preliminary notice for Arizona is due in four days, based on the information that’s pulled over from QuickBooks. Now, again, it does not matter what state you’re in, what your role is on the job who hired you, what type of project it is. The beauty of level set is our system knows exactly what the laws are for that given situation. So you’re never making any mistakes or missing any deadlines. All you have to do, if you don’t wanna automate it is click review and send and send.

Speaker 1 (07:45):
It’s quite simply that easy. Okay. I’m not gonna actually send it here. Cuz jars is a real general contractor and this is not a real job. So <laugh>, I’ll make sure not to do that. But wanna show you all, some other things here, right? All your AR and AP information. So your invoices are gonna pull as well. Right? We can see, for example, this May 2nd to May 9th invoice has been marked as paid in QuickBooks. So you can go in here, do a conditional and unconditional. We let you pull your own templates over, cuz we know GCs can be very specific about what templates they want and make sure that it’s a couple clicks of a button to go ahead and get that waiver out.

Speaker 1 (08:52):
It’s that simple. And again, everything I’m doing can be automated as well. So that’s preliminary notices and waivers. Now maybe some of you already send your prelims and you’re, you’re doing it in house or whatever. Right? Well, there’s gonna be a, a lot of other tools through level set that we can automate to actually get you paid faster and to show you what I mean by that. I’m gonna pull up this payment documents, timeline, right? So we’re starting the job in that first document that’s going out is the preliminary notice, right? But what else we’re gonna do is we’re gonna track that invoice due date in your QuickBooks and your team is gonna get to say, I want reminders going out around that invoice due date. And we’re actually gonna be sending friendly payment reminders based on when you want them to go out based on the invoice date and QuickBooks, if it’s marked as paid, we’ll remove it from the timeline.

Speaker 1 (10:00):
If it’s not, we’re gonna push it on one step further to our past due reminder, it’s gonna be a, either a little bit more of an assertive payment reminder or a payment demand letter. All right. Again, if you, your market is paid in QuickBooks or it gets paid, we’re gonna pull it off. So we don’t continue the process. Now that next step notice of intent to lean. I’m sure many of you have heard of the notice of intent to lean or a monthly notice if you’re in Texas. But if you haven’t, it’s what it sounds like.

Speaker 1 (10:38):
It’s your way to threaten a lie, but not actually file it cuz nobody wants liens. Right? All you’re saying here is, look, I don’t want to file a lien, but I’m a small to mid-size business. I am not a bank. So I will file a lien. If I don’t get paid 99% of projects in level set, get paid by this point, which means 99% of your jobs, you don’t even have to touch and they’ll be paid. That’s the gist y’all. So I did wanna mention one more thing on top of actually being able to automate these notices going out and when we’re also gonna track your jobs. So over 15,000 subs, suppliers and contractors use level set, some of the biggest suppliers, you know, probably even and all that data. If they run into a, a slow payment or a nonpayment on a job that you are on, we’re gonna notify you.

Speaker 1 (12:00):
If the lie gets filed, if there’s a bankruptcy, if someone sends a notice of intent to lean on a job and we know about it, you’re gonna get an email sent to you and notified just another way we can reduce risk on those jobs. So yeah, I just threw a lot at you guys <laugh> so I hope it was, it was good information and it was, and I was clear with everything, but would love to also mention one other thing. You might be saying, Danny, well, if everything’s happening automatically, how do I make sure you know, that it’s being done properly? Well, we’re gonna send you a weekly email summary. We’re gonna tell you any upcoming deadlines for notices, intents and liens, just to make sure that you still are aware of any deadlines that you have coming up specifically to leans. So wanna give y’all a chance to ask some questions as well. Again, that was a lot of information. So you know, go ahead, use that Q and a box looks like we already have one pop in there. I’ve also got my QuickBooks, our, our QuickBooks expert at level set in here, Andy Peterson. And she’ll be able to answer any, any more specific questions that you have as well. So

Speaker 2 (13:32):
Hey, good afternoon, everyone. As Daniel was saying, I am Andy Peterson. I am an integration specialist here at level set. So I work on our QuickBooks integration. I’ll go ahead and take this first question in the Q and a chat says we invoice and phases for work completed. Will the automated system go through the process for each invoice we send out? Yes. we can do that. So based on how you enter your information into QuickBooks if you invoice, we can send waivers per invoice. That’s actually the preferred way of the automated way of doing that. And so if you have our document automation feature known as playbooks, we will generate the conditional waiver based on unpaid invoices and the unconditional waiver based on paid invoices. So hopefully that answers that question. The other thing I would like to note is if you have a specific template from, like, if you’re working on behalf of a general, contractor’s a specialty contractor material supplier we also have the ability to send those customized template waivers based on the job, what are, and we have question I can go ahead and take that.

Speaker 2 (14:55):
What are the actual steps for both to think? Does this happen automatically? So for QuickBooks online, QuickBooks online is a cloud based accounting solution. So yes, that will sync automatically between the two systems. So basically what you do is you give QuickBooks authorization for level set to connect with your QuickBooks account. So that will happen automatically once that is authorized. And we have a number of ways that we can map your QuickBooks information into level sets, concept of a job for the QuickBooks desktop feature. Since that is not a cloud based feature into it the owners of the QuickBooks product have what’s called a QuickBooks web connector. And that is a tool that QuickBooks has created for folks like level set to connect directly to your QuickBooks desktop. So that’s something it’s that web connector runs the background and syncs the information between your QuickBooks desktop instance. And

Speaker 3 (16:12):
Lemme see,

Speaker 2 (16:14):
Sorry, just one second reading through these questions.

Speaker 1 (16:19):
All right. Did we answer crickets? I can answer crickets if you want.

Speaker 2 (16:24):
Yeah, please do.

Speaker 1 (16:25):
So. so when payments are posting QuickBooks, they, everything is archived. We don’t delete anything. Andy, are they getting manually closed out or as well as being archived?

Speaker 1 (16:41):
Or is it happening automatically?

Speaker 2 (16:44):
So there a couple things I think to keep in mind. So some people, when they do work construction work, sometimes they, they invoice once and then they’re done invoicing for that particular job or project. And some people have multiple invoices over the, the course of a project. So the job does not archive automatically. But we do have like an easy archive function in level set. It’s just one button. If you know that you’re not expecting any more invoice to invoice any further on that project. It’s just one button that you can go ahead and, and close out that project.

Speaker 3 (17:28):
Let’s see.

Speaker 1 (17:30):
So for the anonymous attendee show yourself. No, just kidding. So for the cost of level set I’m gonna go ahead and provide you a QR code after the Q and a, you you’re gonna be able to reach out to me directly and we can discuss that. We we’re a subscription based program. We don’t take a percentage of each job builds. We value every job, the same, whether it’s a $1,000 job or an a million dollar job. So to answer that question and then Jamal has asked, I may have missed this, but does level set track existing leans? So just for clarity, Jemele, do you, do you mean like O like leans that are on your projects, If you can gimme like a thumbs up or put it in the chat I’m just gonna assume that you do mean that yes, we track existing liens when there’s a lien filed on your job. We’re gonna notify you of that that has happened because the sooner, you know, about other people’s payment problems on your jobs, the sooner you can put yourself in line to get paid.

Speaker 2 (18:56):
So, yeah, Danny, if I may add to that, so level set has risk intelligence tools called one of the risk intelligence tools that we have is called job radar. And so, yeah, we can see if like a notice of intent to lean or lie has been filed on that. And then that will notify you with that feature. Let’s see. Another question is if you close out the project and you have a late change order for billing, can you open the job again? Okay. So late change order for billing. So Pamela just outta curiosity, do you mean are you talking about someone that you are sending an invoice to, or and I guess it would be a little bit helpful to get a bit more context to, to answer that a bit more accurately if possible.

Speaker 2 (20:07):
I will hold off answering that one for a little bit now Taylor’s question from a general contractor’s standpoint, is there a report that can be pulled, showing unconditional waivers that have been sent? Yes. So on a project, you can, we have a feature on documents that have been sent or documents that you have received. You can download those in bulk form from a project. Hopefully that answers that question. Danny, maybe you wanna answer this one. Is, is this Leonardo’s question, is this integration part of our membership or is there an additional cost for this?

Speaker 1 (20:54):
Yeah, so Leonardo, what I’ll have you do again is just scan that QR code on the next slide. And I’ll have you reach out to my team directly to discuss the QuickBooks integration with level set

Speaker 2 (21:11):
And then to follow back up on Pamela’s question, if you close up on the project and you have a late change order for billing, can you open yes, you can UNIV a job that is something that you can do. You can bring that back as an active project within level sets. Cricket’s question. I can answer this one as well. How does QuickBooks and level set link the customers files, location, address bill to invoice numbers, et cetera, et cetera. So yes, so our, your customer information level set is going to be the person that you are billing to and the project location is going to be your ship to information as it’s known in QuickBooks. Sometimes those are one and the same. And we have a feature that max those two things, if they are one in the same.

Speaker 2 (22:09):
So all of your invoices and bills and how that pulls over is going to depend on how you enter your project information into a QuickBook. So some people only work with one customer a customer one time, and that is the extent of the work that they do together. And so we consider that a job and level set, but sometimes you may have like sub customers with on under a main customer a parent customer. We have mapping for that as well. So as you work with our training and onboarding team, they’ll ask you some questions about how you enter information into QuickBook so that we can that information to fit your needs.

Speaker 2 (23:06):
We have another question from a GC perspective, can you run a report that shows any outstanding lean release waivers still waiting to be signed? Yes. So within a given project we keep track of all of the documents that you have requested. So each of those has a specific status associated to it. And then, so you can easily see which ones are still waiting to be signs. We also have recent functionality. And then the other thing I will note is I’m not sure what the timeline is, but once we’ve sent a, a waiver request if that has not been signed within a certain amount of time level set, sends a reminder as well. And then you have the option to resend that request as well. A lot of good questions here today. I’m, I’m super impressed with this yeah. With this audience. Yeah.

Speaker 1 (24:17):
So, Andy, thank you so much for answering questions that I probably wouldn’t have been able to answer. So yeah, I, I just wanted to thank everybody for attending today’s webinar. If you have any other questions, please reach out to me. You’re gonna be able to scan that QR code. I’ll leave it up there for y’all to scan. You’ll go put your information in. And then I’m gonna reach out to you directly. This was a high level overview of what it looks like to seamlessly work with QuickBooks and level set, but if you’d love a consultation pertaining specifically to what it would look like to use level set in your business with your own unique needs, we’re happy to provide that customized demonstration. Again, click, go ahead. QR code. Just record it with your or I guess put it on your camera, click it. If you don’t have that, I’m gonna provide my I’m gonna go ahead and put my phone number in the chat at, and it’s gonna be, you can just text me or call me at that (504) 226-5680 number. And as I mentioned before, you’re gonna receive a recording of this webinar and an email tomorrow or Friday. So thanks again, everyone.