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Payment in the construction industry is complicated. That’s why we’re here. To help people get what they earn. How do we do that? We have a wealth of resources to empower you to know everything you need to do, ask questions when you can’t find the answer to, and get paid.

Ask an Expert Center – Get help from experts in the industry on construction, financial, or legal topics

Learning Center – Access state-by-state resources, document descriptions, and other resources to make your job easier

Contractor Pages – Track payment practices, get alerts when their problems, and review people you’ve worked with to help others

Customer Education – Tutorials on how to do certain actions in your account

Sign up for Payment class or view past webinars to get a deep-dive into your Levelset account

Ready to drink the Kool-Aid? Here’s what we recommend to all Levelset customers:

  • Lienzero eBook – Learn why we’re on a mission to file zero liens and how you can join us.
  • 3 Steps to Getting Paid on Every Job – If you’re new to lien rights this basic guide will help you set up a process for getting paid on your jobs.
  • SET Method – Thousands of contractors follow this method to make sure every job is smooth and stress-free.


Pro tip: We have a 5-star support team eager to answer any questions you have regarding your account. Here’s how you can get in touch with them: We’re available chat on most pages of our website Call us at (855) 927-2737 or Email us at


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