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State by State License Requirements to File a Mechanics Lien

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State by State License Requirements to File a Mechanics Lien

There are a number of different factors that influence whether or not you should get licensed, such as what type of construction business you are, where your business is located, and where your projects are located. Typically, the appropriate state licensing board(s) can help you determine if license is required for your business.

which states require license to file a mechanics lienBut while the broader requirement of licensing may change based on your construction business and the types of projects you do, your ability to file a lien may be impacted by whether or not you have license. If you are looking to file a mechanics lien to get paid on a project, this state-by-state guide will help determine if you are eligible.

Like many elements of mechanics liens, whether unlicensed construction participants can still file a mechanics lien is a requirement that varies based on state-specific laws.

This free 50-state guide will help you determine which states require licensure to file a lien.

We always recommend that you be licensed for the work you are performing if licensure is required. While you may be able to still file a mechanics lien in many states even though you’re unlicensed, there are other potential penalties that can come into play due to lack of licensure.