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Lien and Notice Deadline Chart for Equipment Lessors

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Lien and Notice Deadline Chart for Equipment Lessors

Lien & Notice Deadlines for Equipment lessorsThis is the ultimate guide to liens and notices, tailored specifically to equipment lessors and the unique regulations you face to get paid on construction projects.

A mechanics lien is a powerful tool to help you get what you’ve earned when other options have failed. In this guide, we break down what lien rights are, how you can protect yours, and other documents you can use to get paid without needing to file a mechanics lien.

What this guide contains

If you’re an equipment lessor hired by someone other than the property owner, find out the need-to-know facts about lien law in all 50 states:

  • What a preliminary notice is and whether they are required in each state
  • The deadlines for equipment lessors to send preliminary notices, notices of intent, mechanics liens, and lien enforcement documents in every state
  • How a mechanics lien works to ensure payment for equipment lessors
  • What a notice of intent to lien is, and how sending one can often get you paid without resorting to aggressive legal actions like liens
  • How to enforce a lien in the event you are not paid

The deadlines to file and enforce a lien, and to send preliminary notice, vary from state to state. This free download includes a chart that breaks down every state’s laws so you can confidently protect your lien rights.