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How to File a Mechanics Lien – Guide to Every State

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How to File a Mechanics Lien – Guide to Every State

Getting paid in the construction industry is tough, but it doesn’t have to be. Filing a lien is one of the most effective ways to turn problem accounts into cash. how to file a mechanics lien on construction project

Mechanics liens are not the only way to get what you’ve earned on a construction job, but they are a powerful final option when other tactics are unsuccessful. Unfortunately, a document with so much influence comes with a lot of rules and requirements to protect your right to file one.

Our free guide not only walks you through how to file a lien, it also helps confirm that you have the right to start the mechanics lien process, and details what happens after a mechanics lien is filed.

This essential guide helps you use a lien to get paid smoothly and on time and discusses:

  • What mechanics liens do and why they work
  • How to prepare and file a lien, step-by-step
  • Important questions to ask your county recorder
  • What to do once you’ve filed a mechanics lien
  • How to file a lien online

We’ve also included a free demand letter template to enforce the claim if you have still not been paid after filing.

This guide is valuable for anyone who has not been paid on a construction job, regardless of your project role. Whether you’re a subcontractor, supplier, equipment lessor, or even general contractor, there are ways to avoid getting burned on projects and get what you’ve earned.