Here, you’ll find all the Levelset articles about factoring in construction. Factoring describes the process in which businesses (usually subcontractors) get cash advances on their invoices.

Although it may seem complex on the surface, construction factoring is as simple as can be with a little research. When a company factors an invoice, they assign it to a factoring company that provides them with cash on the spot. Factoring comes in handy because funds are always tight in the construction industry. Payments are made slowly, and tools like factoring allow companies to receive the money they need to complete a project, keep the project running smoothly, and grow and expand.

If you need additional help with factoring, ask your question on the Expert Center page for factoring. The Expert Center is where contractors can ask questions to get answers from construction attorneys for free. Look at the questions that already have answers or ask your own for free. At the Expert Center, you can learn how to use factoring to get paid in no time.

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