Support for Document Orders and Product Help

This list of frequently asked questions is directed toward Levelset customers that do not have a subscription account with Levelset. The answers and videos below are here to assist you in ordering the right document, understanding how to check on your orders, and getting the most of your free Levelset account. Some features mentioned below such as Scout Research and deadline tracking are premium feature for our subscription users. Customer without a subscription will only receive research and deadline tracking on mechanics liens, bond claims, and other recorded documents. Subscribers also receive discounts on most document orders. Interested in premium features? Get a consultation to see how a Levelset subscription can help you get payments under control. 

After You Order

How do I edit my order?

Should you need to change any information after placing an order, please call or chat with our customer support team or email with your order number, company name, and the information that needs to be updated. You can also call our support team at 833-600-0524 or chat with them on the live chat feature available through our website. Please keep in mind that if the order is sent prior to your request, you will typically need to place a new order in the system.

Where can I find resources to see how lien laws affect my project?

We offer comprehensive, free resources for every state on our Construction Payment Resource Hub. Choose which state your project is in and select your role on the project to see information about notice, lien, and enforcement deadlines and requirements, as well as frequently asked questions. There are also a multitude of blog articles available on our Construction Payment Blog.

Why and I seeing an “error” on my mail tracking?

Sometimes you may notice the word “Error” associated with your mail tracking. This error message can mean several things. In most cases, Levelset has not received an update from USPS. Any detailed updates will be posted on USPS and in Levelset once available. For more information, take a look at this blog article.

How can I track deadlines for my projects?

The best way to receive comprehensive deadline tracking of all of your projects in one program is through a subscription to Levelset’s software. If you are only interested in tracking deadlines for one or two projects, try our Payment Rights Advisor. This free tool makes it easy to find your deadlines and next steps to get paid on any job. You can find more information here.

I’ve ordered my document – what happens now?

Congratulations on placing your Levelset order! Keep an eye on your email for order updates, Scout Research alerts, and other communication about your order.
Our typical processing time is 3 – 5 business days for all orders placed through standard processing. If you rushed your order, our typical processing time is 1 business day. If you forgot to rush your document, you can contact support at to add the rush priority for your order.
When you order a document from Levelset, a free account is created where you can view and manage all your orders, place new orders, and receive documents from other Levelset users. Log in here to view your orders and related documents.

How do I access my receipt?

After your order has been submitted, you will automatically be sent a purchase recipeit to the email address provided when you ordered your document. If you did not receive this email, or need an additional copy, please contact customer support and they will be happy to have another copy emailed to you from our billing team.

How can I check what I entered on my order?

Within your account, hover over the order you’d like to see and click the “View” button. This will pull out a window with all of your order details. Most of the order information can be found on this page, but if you need further information, there is a link in the top right side of the screen titled “View All Document Details.” You can view or download any of the documents you would like to view a from this module.

What is Scout, and what are Scout alerts or notifications?

Our Scout team uses millions of relevant data points and in-house research experts to help you get your project information right. Scout data alerts are usually suggestions on the data you provided and are often prompted by someone on our research team. Watch about solving alerts from within your free account.

Are all documents researched by Scout?

Scout Research only applies to mechanics liens, bond claims, and associated releases when ordering through the document navigator or your free account. Scout is a premium feature for our subscription users to receive research related to their projects. If you filed a document that received Scout research, or ordered a la carte research through our support team, you may receive alerts or suggestions.
These suggestions will be active in your account for 2 business days; if they are not resolved by that time, the suggestions will expire and Levelset will default to the information you provided.
If you have any questions about resolving your Scout notifications, we suggest reaching out to our support team for assistance at

I ordered a document that does not include research, but I really want research

If you are looking for a detailed report on a property, we are happy to conduct research on any type of document or project you are working on. You can fill out this form to order a la carte research. The form will be used by our team to locate the requested information – either the property owner/public entity or general contractor. Within one business day, you will receive a research report in your email to be used when ordering your document. Note: The research is not automatically added to your order!

How can I check on my order and see my documents?

To check your order status and view the documents associated with your order, please log in to your account to view all of the documents you have sent or received through Levelset.
Hover over the order you’d like to see and click the “View” button. Once you’re looking at your order details, there is a link in the top right side of the screen titled “View All Document Details.” You can view or download any of the documents you would like to view a from this module.

What are my next steps after my lien is recorded?

Levelset is a great tool to assist you with getting your mechanics lien presented for recording. We will also send your lien claim to any other interested stakeholders (such as the hiring party or property owner) you request to receive a copy. Once your lien has been recorded, some information regarding potential next steps can be found here.

The lien worked and I got paid! What should I do now?

That’s great! We love when out customer get paid fairly for the work they have done. After getting paid, it’s generally good to release or lift the lien. We offer mechanics lien releases after the payment has been received or settled. You can file them through your account or the document navigator. To learn more about lien releases click here.

How do I use Mail Tracking?

Levelset will send your documents pursuant to state requirements, which means your mail pieces might include Certified Tracking Numbers. First Class Mail typically will not include tracking information, but any documents mailed Certified or Certified with Return Receipt typically will. This short shows you how to track your orders through your account.

Before You Order

Do you offer discounts for ordering multiple documents?

If you have a high volume of projects and think you may be sending documents often, we suggest upgrading to a cost-effective subscription account. For more information on the different plans available, visit our pricing page.

I have a coupon code. How do I use it?

You can use it while placing an order through the document navigator, or within the “Create New Document” option in your free account. You can enter the code on the final step before you enter your credit card information. Please note that coupon codes are case sensitive and will not work if the code you enter is does not exactly match the provided code.

Everything Else

I have another question!

If you have a question we did not answer on this page, give us a call or use our chat function to chat with someone on the Levelset team. You can also send your suggestions for this FAQ page to with a subject like FAQ suggestion.

I have a legal question – who can I ask about that?

We have many construction-related resources available for self-help, but if you wish to talk to an attorney, there are a few additional options. Levelset’s Construction Legal Center provides a forum in which you can ask a question and get a response from a licensed attorney. Additionally, Levelset’s Chief Legal Officer, Nate Budde, hosts a live Q&A every Thursday from 10am -12pm (CST) during which you can ask a question and get legal information.
If you have a non-construction related question, you may find assistance at

If You Received a Document from Levelset

Why am I receiving documents from from -Levelset?

Levelset is on a mission to make everyone on a construction project visible to each other so construction payments happen with ease. Levelset creates and delivers documents on behalf of other parties on your construction projects so collaboration can be transparent.
There are a number of documents you may have received.
Preliminary Notice (Expandable drop down)
a) The purpose of this document is to provide visibility into who is working on a job. Preliminary notices are often sent by contractors and suppliers to the GC, property owner, and other project stakeholders. Receiving a preliminary notice is a common occurrence and does not indicate that there are payment problems on the job. Many states require that contractors send these documents for the benefit of the recipient.
Notice of Intent to Lien (Expandable drop down)
a) Receiving a notice of intent to lien indicates that a contractor or supplier on a construction project has not been paid and is considering filing a mechanics lien. By sending this document before filing a lien, the sender is giving you or other parties on the job a chance to resolve the payment dispute before a lien is filed. To resolve a dispute, scroll to the top of this page and enter your email and reference number. You will be able to communicate with the sender to clear up the dispute.
Monthly Notice (Expandable drop down)
a) Some states require that contractors and suppliers send monthly notices to notify project stakeholders of outstanding invoices or payment applications. This document does not necessarily indicate payment problems on the job.
Lien Waiver (Expandable drop down)
a) Lien waivers are constantly exchanged on construction projects. They are usually sent by subcontractors and suppliers to the general contractor and other parties at the top of a job like the property owner or lender. GCs frequently request that the parties hired to work on a job provide waivers. Signing a lien waiver waives lien rights as described in the waiver.
Payment Applications (Expandable drop down)
a) Coming soon!

How do I get in touch with the sender of this document?

The quickest and easiest way to get in contact with the sender of your document is through our collaboration portal. Go here to access a digital copy of your document – you’ll be asked to enter the reference number of the document and your email address. From there, you will have the ability to add comments which are forwarded directly to the sender. Want to learn more about sending or received documents though Levelset? Go here.