Solar panels on Texas solar farm

As of July 2020, at least two mechanics lien claims have been filed against a newly developed solar energy farm in Odessa, TX, totaling $16.7M in unpaid construction work.

The farm, Oberon Solar, is owned and operated by 174 Power Global of Irvine, CA, the parent company of the project’s general contractor, Hanwha Q Cells EPC USA, LLC (HQC).

Since August of 2020, two subcontractors have filed unpaid work claims against the GC. When faced with non-payment, contractors can file a mechanics lien to on the serviced property to prevent its sale or refinancing until the claim has been settled.

Both lien claims were processed with the Ector County clerk’s office according to Texas’ mechanics lien requirements.

Oberon Solar Farm Owes Nearly $17 Million

Three subcontractors are allegedly owed $16,690,820.45 for construction labor and materials at the Oberon Solar farm, located at 31600 W I-20 Odessa, TX.

On April 15, 2020, Lauren Engineers & Constructors, Inc. filed a lien for $16.39 million. Partial lien releases filed since the original filing have reduced the claim amount to $15.5 million. On June 11, 2020, HQC secured a mechanics lien bond in the amount of $24.6 million. When a mechanics lien is bonded off, the claim is typically discharged from the property and placed on the bond itself.

On July 29, 2020, subcontractor Brandt Companies, LLC filed a mechanics lien claim for $220,305.06.

HCS Renewable Energy, LLC, a temporary staffing company serving the energy sector in Texas, filed a third claim on September 14, 2020 in the amount of $988,443.95.

A 1,500 Acre Solar Farm

According to Chariot Energy, an affiliate company of 174 Power Global, the Oberson Solar farm was constructed in two parts known as Oberon 1A and 1B. Both contractors that filed their lien claims against the property contributed to both factions of the solar farm.

Oberon 1A includes 561,120 solar panels and rests upon 1,269 acres. The Oberon 1B farm covers 229 acres and includes 93,856 solar panels.

In total, Oberson Solar farm includes 655,00 solar panels that produce 180 megawatts to power nearly 30,000 homes in the Odessa area. The entire property in which Oberson Solar farm is located includes 5,000 acres.

The project broke ground back in October of 2016 and was completed and energized in August 2020.

Oberson Solar farm is the second project completed in Texas by 174 Power Global, and OA Online also reports that the company plans to construct additional solar projects in Texas.

174 Power Global has already completed a solar farm project in Midland, TX. Known as Midland Solar, the farm spans 1,500 acres and produces 236 megawatts.

South Texas Wind Farm Faced with Lien Claims

As of May 14, 2020, a wind farm located on nine parcels of land in Edinburg, TX has been linked to $4M in mechanics lien claims.

The farm, known as Los Mirasoles Wind Farm, is located nearly 16 miles from the U.S. border with Mexico.

According to Los Mirasoles Wind Farm, the farm produces 300 megawatts, which powers an average of 65,000 Texas homes.