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Lien law in North Carolina is changing soon, with dramatic revisions to Mechanics Lien requirements scheduled to take place on January 1, 2013 and April 1, 2013.  Over the next couple of days, we will briefly explore the changes and take a look at what the statutory revisions mean for the lien North Carolina lien claimant.

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The somewhat controversial changes to the state’s lien laws were included in two bills: 1) House Bill 1052, and 2) Senate Bill 42.  These bills included both evolutionary revisions the to existing lien laws and notice requirements, as well as revolutionary brand new concepts foreign to the previous lien law of North Carolina.  The changes contained within House Bill 1052 are the lien law revisions, designed with input from “stakeholders” in the construction industry and are generally less controversial in nature.

Senate Bill 42 introduces completely new concepts to the lien law scheme, and was drafted (under pressure from the Title Insurance industry) to address the “hidden lien” issue.  While the changes contained in Senate Bill 42 do not go into effect until April 1, 2013, it behooves potential lien claimants in North Carolina to get familiar with the new concepts.  Posts on this blog over the next few days will attempt to help.