The still under construction site of the Hermosa Village Apartments

As of the day the 22-building Hermosa Village Apartments opened — November 20, 2020 — seven different contractors have filed 13 unpaid work claims totaling $2.79 million against the luxury apartments.

The 238-unit Hermosa Village Apartments, located in Leander, Texas, officially wrapped up construction the day the project’s general contractor, Cadence McShane Construction Company, placed the latest mechanics lien on the 329,418-square-foot apartment complex. 

When active, a mechanics lien can help unpaid contractors gain a security interest in a serviced property. If a contractor is struggling to get paid after completing their work, a lien can hinder the property from being refinanced or sold, which can subsequently get a property owner involved in the claim. 

All 13 mechanics lien claims were processed with the Harris County clerk’s office pursuant to Texas’ mechanics lien statutes

Property owner Hermosa Village, LLC, the general contractor, and claimant subcontractors have yet to respond to requests for comment. 

7 contractors owed $2.79M at Hermosa Village Apartments 

Including the project’s general contractor, at least seven different contractors have filed liens against the Hermosa Village Apartments, located at 11680 Hero Way West, Leander, TX — roughly 30 miles north of downtown Austin.

The seven contractors claim they are owed a combined $2,793,338.31 in unpaid work

General contractor Cadence McShane Construction Company has filed the largest mechanics lien claim to date against the property. 

On November 20th, Cadence McShane Construction Company claimed they were still owed $1,655,873.26 from Hermosa Village, LLC. 

The GC asserted the claim for work that took place between July and October of 2020, according to the contractor’s lien affidavit. 

Cadence McShane Construction Company is now facing at least 10 mechanics lien claims from four unpaid subcontractors at the Hermosa Village Apartments project, totalling a combined $1.1 million. 

Seven of the lien claims were filed by Brandt Electrical Services, which claims the GC owes them a combined $404,240.48 as of October 2, 2020. 

Two subcontractors have also filed liens against Brandt Electrical Services as of October 2020 at the Hermosa Village Apartments project, totaling $5,262.61 in unpaid work. 

According to the Hermosa Village Apartments website, the property has begun actively leasing units as of December 2020.