A biofuel feedstock processing machine used in a biofuel plant

32 different subcontractors have each filed unpaid construction work claims with a combined worth of $15.7 million against Fulcrum BioEnergy’s Sierra BioFuels Plant in Sparks, Nevada. 

The mechanics liens were filed in response to unpaid construction work on the second phase of the Sierra BioFuels Plant, which will “process approximately 175,000 tons of [municipal solid waste] feedstock annually, creating 11 million gallons per year of renewable synthetic crude oil,” according to a press release from Fulcrum BioEnergy. 

Marathon Petroleum will then be processing the synthetic crude oil produced by the plant into transportation fuel. 

A mechanics lien is filed by unpaid contractors to gain a security interest in the serviced property. Until the contractor’s debt has been settled, an active lien can prevent a property’s sale or refinancing. 

Each mechanics lien claim was processed with the Storey County clerk’s office pursuant to Nevada statutes governing mechanics lien filings

32 mechanics liens worth $15.7M filed against Sierra BioFuels Plant

The 32 subcontractors are owed a total of $15,777,111.40 for construction of the second phase of the Sierra Biofuels Plant, located at 3600 Peru Drive, Sparks, NV. 

Six of the 32 subcontractors have filed liens each valued at over $1 million, totaling $9,084,415.82 in unpaid work. 

All six of those lien claims were filed against the project’s general contractor, known as the Abeinsa Abener Teyma General Partnership, headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona.

According to the lien affidavits, the GC is listed as a purchasing agent for property owner Fulcrum Sierra Biofuels, LLC. 

The largest lien claim filed to date against the facility was filed by subcontractor Summit Companies on June 8, 2020. Pursuant to a contract with the GC, Summit Companies claims that are still owed $1,882,692.39. 

Summit Companies’ original contract with Abeinsa Abener Teyma General Partnership was valued at $3.3 million.

Prior to that, on May 6, 2020, Dennis Banks Construction filed a lien claim valued at $1,377,419.05. The subcontractor’s lien affidavit states they made contributions to the facility’s admin building and the municipal solid waste building. 

Liberty Industrial Group’s lien claim of $1,383,133.50 from June 10, 2020 is also for the full value of the subcontractor’s contract with Abeinsa Abener Teyma General Partnership. 

On June, 23, 2020, Industrial and Process Equipment Suppliers, Inc. filed a lien valued at $1,874,112.98 after agreeing to a contract worth $2.8 million with the GC. To date, the sub has received $859,047.37 in payments. 

JORD Oil & Gas Systems, filed valued at $1,043,587.50 on July 30, 2020. The subcontractor’s lien affidavit states their original contract was worth $21.1 million. As of July 30, JORD Oil & Gas Systems has received $20 million in payments from the GC. 

A month later on August 31, 2020, Johnson Matthey, Inc. claimed they were owed $1,523,470.40. The subcontractor’s lien is also the total value of their contract with the GC, as they have yet to receive a payment.