Project type is an essential piece of information when it comes to securing payment for the work your company does on construction jobs. There are 5 types of projects: residential, owner-occupied residential, commercial, state/county, and federal. When it comes to lien rights, project type has a big impact on which documents are required and when they need to be sent.

Identifying your project type sounds simple, but it can be really tough on some of the biggest and most common construction projects like stadiums, airports, and hospitals. Hospital construction can be classified as commercial, state/county, or even federal depending on the project.

Having trouble with project type on other jobs?

What type of project is this hospital?

Let’s play a game! The following scenarios illustrate how hospitals can fall into different project types.

I am a hospital in the Lakewood, Washington. I am funded by Washington taxpayers and I am owned by the Washington State Department of Social and Health Services.

What type of project am I?

I am a state hospital, and should be classified as state/county in the Levelset system. You know this because I’m owned and run by a department of the state government, and I cannot function without funding from the taxpayer dollars. Because of this, I am accountable to the public, so you should be able to find information about your construction project and others readily available online. Public hospitals may also be owned by a state hospital district or public university. University hospitals may be owned by the school or their board of regents.

I am a hospital in Camp Pendleton, CA, and I primarily serve veterans and active members of the military. My property report lists the owner as the United States of America, and you were hired by the Naval Facilities Engineering Command (NAVFAC) to fix my elevators as part of a larger modernization project.

What type of project am I?

Any construction you do here would be classified as a federal job. I am a military hospital, and therefore run primarily on funding from the federal government. Often, agencies such as NAVFAC or the US Army Corp of Engineers will be the project owner commissioning the work on my construction projects. Other federal hospitals could be owned by different branches of the US military or the US Department of Veterans Affairs.

I am St. Joseph’s hospital in Tampa Bay, Florida, and my owner is listed as St. Joseph’s Hospital, Inc. I am a non-profit organization and receive state tax benefits accordingly.

What type of project am I?

When you installed plumbing fixtures for a new treatment wing, you were working on a commercial project. Despite the fact that I am not-for-profit and receive some tax benefits, I am not a public hospital when it comes to sending the property lien rights document because I am not run by the state or one of its agencies, and I am not primarily funded by tax dollars. Commercial hospitals may also be owned or administered by private universities or for-profit healthcare providers like Kaiser.


It can be hard to determine the type of project you worked on, but examining factors like ownership, administration, and your own customer can help you correctly classify the job. Even then, it can still be complex, which is why Levelset employs a team of researchers to dig up hard-to-find project information so we can confidently verify your project’s type or suggest something different. If you’d like to learn more about how Levelset can help find information about your projects and help you manage your lien rights, please get in touch. We’d love to chat!

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