Construction Industry Blogs

We really appreciate good content about the construction industry that’s interesting, helpful, and teaches us a thing or two that we didn’t know beforehand. With that being said, here is our all-new list of 9 essential construction industry blogs for 2020 (and beyond!) that should be interesting to just about anyone in the construction industry.

9 Essential Blogs for the Construction Industry

Before we get started, a mild disclaimer of sorts: not all of the following are blogs, technically speaking. Some are better-defined as industry news sites or digital magazines. However, all of them have great content specially created for the construction industry. We wholeheartedly endorse them all.

With that being said, let’s proceed to the list!

9. ConstructionDIVE

Construction Dive is big, thorough, informative, and is always an interesting read. We’ve linked to their articles more times that I can count. And frankly, I can think of no better endorsement than that.

8. Tie: Fieldwire Blog / Construction Productivity Blog by PlanGrid

We’re big fans of both of these companies. We knew we wanted to include both of them in this list, and we just hated the idea of picking one over the other….so, here we are with a tie for number 8! Forget all of those silly sayings about how unappealing a tie is in a competition. Both of these companies our winners in our book – and both have great blogs that are absolutely worth checking out.

7. LetsBuild (formerly GenieBelt)

We have a bit of a blog crush on these guys. LetsBuild is a European construction tech company based in in Denmark. Not only do we like their style, it’s also great to get a perspective from outside the U.S.

6. The Jobsite by Procore

Procore is undoubtedly one of the big dogs in the construction technology space, having reached unicorn status around a year ago. But credit where credit is due – their impressive blog looks like a million…I mean, make that a billion bucks.

5. The eSub Blog

We get along great with the eSub guys, both personally and professionally. Their blog is an industry must-read, especially for subcontractors. eSub even contributes content to the Levelset blog on occasion.

4. Construction Business Owner

The construction business owner site is jam-packed with useful information, including helpful articles around a variety of topics, webinars, and other resources (including trade show and event coverage). We’ve been fans of theirs for years – check them out for yourself.

3. For Construction Pros

This is another massive site with a ton of information, including deeper dives into equipment and a number of other subjects. Levelset often contributes to another of their special sections, Profit Matters.

2. Construction Executive

Construction Executive holds a very special place in our hearts here at Levelset – we have a very close working relationship with them. Perhaps not surprisingly, this is also the outfit that we contribute content to most often. We can’t wait to see what they have in store for us.

…and the Number 1 construction industry blog is….


wait for it….


1. Levelset’s Construction Payment Blog!

As CEO Scott Wolfe Jr (himself an extremely prolific blogger) likes to say, “great content is a part of Levelset’s DNA.” And folks, let me tell you that truer words have never been spoken.

Educating the industry has been a part of Levelset’s mission since its founding, and our commitment to that goal has never wavered. From our blog, to our encyclopedic construction payment resources, downloads, legal advice center, and more, we work hard every single day to provide information that helps people in the construction industry do their jobs – and get paid for them.