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Texas Lien Law 101: Get Paid for Texas Work This Friday the 13th

Are you having trouble getting paid for construction work in Texas?

You may have deadlines to secure lien rights around the corner. Texas deadlines always fall on the 15th, but when it falls on a Sunday like this month, they’re due on the preceding Friday. That means your notices are due August, Friday the 13th. Eek!

Don’t let this historically cursed day curse your payments. Let us help you understand the rules in Texas and how to navigate requirements to secure payment, so you can make this Friday the 13th the greatest and luckiest of all time!

Can’t watch the webinar? Download the presentation slides here.

Watch the webinar to learn:

  • Why construction payment issues arise
  • The basics of Texas lien law
  • How to use Levelset to make ordering the right documents to get paid less scary