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California Mechanics Lien Checklist

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California Mechanics Lien Checklist

The mechanics lien process in California is particularly confusing, but missing a deadline or messing up a document can cause you to lose your lien rights. Filing a mechanics lien is often a last resort to get paid on a construction job, but sometimes there are no other options to guarantee payment.

file mechanics lien in california checklistIf you’re a member of the construction industry in California, you’re probably already familiar with things like preliminary notices and mailing deadlines. But what about proof of service affidavits or the fee for filing?

Managing lien rights are hard and time-consuming. While sending notices are important for avoiding mechanics liens, they’re legally required to be sent in California for a lien to be filed, should the need arise.

Our California Mechanics Lien Checklist is an easy way to keep track of all the elements necessary to file a lien and protect your right to payment. Don’t risk invalidating your claim by letting details slip you by, follow the steps outlined in this free download. We even included a few tips and best practices to help you get what you’ve earned.