This is the homepage for articles about construction payment in Canada. Just as construction is complicated here in the States, construction in Canada is no different. It comes with its own set of laws, rules, and regulations that must be studied and followed to secure payment on every project.

Although this isn’t the case for most contractors and construction companies in the United States, some parties do work in both countries. For these parties, learning the ins-and-outs of construction law in Canada is highly recommended. In a similar way, it may be beneficial to compare and contrast construction law in the US with construction law in Canada just in case you do work on a project in the Great White North some day.

One of the ways Canada’s construction law is similar to US is construction law is the presence of Prompt Pay laws. In 2017, Ontario passed the Prompt Payment Act. It was a major landmark in construction payment for Canada as a whole, and the law itself closely resembles the prompt payment laws we have in the United States. You can also draw similarities between lien laws in Canada and lien laws in the US as well.

In many ways, getting paid on construction projects in Canada is similar to getting paid on construction projects in the US. Conversely, it’s different in many ways too. If you’d like to learn more about construction payment in Canada, browse the articles below. You can also ask a question on the Expert Center page dedicated to Canada too.

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Ontario Passes Prompt Payment Act

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Prompt payment laws are an integral part of promoting fairness in construction payment. Without them, there is little muscle to push payments down the chain. Just yesterday, December 5th, Ontario...

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