Earlier this year, the Missouri legislature approved some fairly significant changes to the mechanics lien laws in Missouri.   We summarized those changes back in May, and posted a reminder to folks just last week as the new laws took effect August 31st (see all posts related to Missouri Lien Laws here).

Well, in doing some additional searching on the topic, I ran across a summary by Missouri attorney John Meyer, of Capes Sokol.   I normally don’t post a link to each and every lien law article I find (because I find a lot of them), but John has done a really great job of summarizing the important changes.   (read here).

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While we’re pointing to resources on Missouri mechanic lien laws, here are a few other places online with great information for consumers and contractors on the Missouri mechanic lien and preliminary notice regulations:

Farris Law Firm’s Mechanic Lien and Preliminary Notice Chart
The title here really says it all – some folks like to read articles and in-depth explanations of the lien laws.  Other folks want to look at a chart to get the gist of lien and notice requirements.  This is an excellent chart published by the Farris Law Firm.

E-How To File A Mechanic Lien in Missouri
E-How provides visitors with a step-by-step guide to filing a mechanic lien in Missouri.    For another website like e-How, check out Avvo.com, and specifically this answer from Missouri attorneys about filing a mechanic lien in that state.

Missouri Attorney General Publication on Mechanic Liens
Finally, the Missouri Attorney General chimes in about mechanic liens.  While this article is written more for consumers, it offers good information for anyone affected by mechanic lien laws.