Hewitt equipment with their logo and bankruptcy tag

Claiming over 50 creditors in their filing, Minnesota equipment supplier Hewitt Drainage Equipment sought Chapter 12 bankruptcy relief on January 14, 2021, according to the US Bankruptcy Court for the District of Minnesota

Hewitt Drainage Equipment, its president, Kevin Ray Hewitt, and his farming business, Hewitt Farms Inc., all filed separate Chapter 12 bankruptcy petitions on January 14 — accounting for three total bankruptcy filings to date under Kevin Ray Hewitt’s name. 

According to the supplier’s voluntary bankruptcy petition, at least 20 contractors, material suppliers, and equipment lessors are named as creditors with unspecified claim types or amounts owed. 

In total, 56 creditors are listed in a matrix within the bankruptcy petition. 

Hewitt Drainage Equipment, headquartered in Le Sueur, Minnesota, reported up to $10 million in estimated liabilities with less than $50,000 in estimated assets.

According to the US Bankruptcy Court for the District of Minnesota, Hewitt Farms, Inc. (also of Le Sueur, Minnesota) declared bankruptcy while reporting the following estimates: 

  • 50 – 99 estimated creditors 
  • $1,000,001 – $10 million in estimated liabilities 
  • $0 – $50,000 in estimated assets 

Hewitt Drainage Equipment became incorporated in February of 2011, and as referenced by the Minnesota Secretary of State, the company’s status is listed as “active” and “in good standing.” Hewitt Farms, Inc. was incorporated on the same date as Hewitt Drainage Equipment in February 2011. The entity is also reported “active” and “in good standing.” 

Chapter 12 bankruptcy (a lesser-known type of filing) exists specifically for debts incurred by a “family farmer” or a “family fisherman.” This type of filing also allows the proprietors of farms and fisheries to reorganize their debts and business affairs while still maintaining ownership of their assets. 

While Hewitt Drainage Equipment’s Chapter 12 bankruptcy filing does not associate creditors with claim types or claim amounts, the material supplier’s filing does include a list of 56 creditors owed anywhere between $1–$10 million. 

Of the 56 creditors, 20 are are contractors, suppliers, and equipment lessors: 

  • A&E Construction Supply 
  • AG Partners 
  • Central Farm Service 
  • Channel Seed 
  • Central Region Cooperative
  • Dahlman Farms 
  • Distil Grain System 
  • Harrison Truck Drivers 
  • Janesville Tire 
  • John Deere Credit  
  • Kibble Equipment 
  • L&D AG Service 
  • Little Acres Trucking 
  • Maverick, Inc. 
  • Mid Tech Services 
  • O’Connell Oil Co. 
  • Plunkett’s Pest Control 
  • Soilmax, Inc. 
  • Truck Center Companies 
  • Ziegler CAT