Attendees at Credit & Cocktails in San Antonio

On April 21, we brought together credit, finance and accounting professionals in the construction industry to connect, share experiences, and collaborate over games, drinks, food, and more. The event, “Credit, Cocktails & Conversation,” was held at 5 o’clock Somewhere Bar & Grill on San Antonio’s River Walk. 

Upon checking in, each attendee received $500 dollars in play money for a game called “Don’t say Credit!” During the entire event, if someone heard anyone say the word “credit,” they were able to steal $100 from that person.

Because most of the attendees were “credit managers,” worked in “credit departments,” and we discussed “credit issues,” it was quite a laugh. By the end of the evening, Edith Nunez from Nunez Drywall won the game with over $3000! Her prize was a REAL $100 provided by Kate Doherty from the event sponsor, DAL, Inc.

Once everyone was settled in with food and drinks, we presented the April Credit Manager of the Month to Gloria Macias with Action Gypsum Supply.

One of her managers, Jason Lewis, was in attendance and gave a short speech on what Gloria has brought to their company. It was truly a pleasure to present the award to Gloria in person with her “Credit Manager of the Month Yeti,” extra tickets towards the raffle prizes, and her “sign” (which she took a million pictures with).

“Never stop educating yourself”: Read the interview with Gloria Macias

In addition, we talked about the Payment Professionals Community, helpful resources and information, and the variety of opportunities available to all credit professionals in the community. I was really impressed at the interest of the attendees in becoming more efficient, knowledgeable, and valuable to their companies.

Kate Doherty, National Account Sales with DAL, Inc. filled us in on the state of the industry from a collection agency’s perspective. She discussed the new trends she has seen since the pandemic, the collectibility of aging accounts, and red flags to avoid risk. She also reminded everyone the importance of signatures on credit applications, proof of delivery, and balance due clarification.

In addition to everyone being able to meet and catch up with their industry peers, we were able to make new connections, learn about what each other is going through and changes that they’ve had to adjust to – such as the new Texas Lien Law change.

To all those who were able to take time out of their busy schedules and fight the San Antonio Riverwalk traffic and parking to make this event: Thank you! The involvement of those in this Payment Professionals Community has and will continue to share a collaborative spirit that provides invaluable free education, up-to-date news and resources, in-person and virtual events, recognition and mentorship opportunities, and lots more.
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