Guide to filing a mechanics lien in Pasco County

Although Florida’s lien laws can be complex, recording your lien with the Pasco County Clerk is a straightforward process provided you include all the necessary information and meet all the requirements. This page helps you begin the Florida lien filing process by providing you with useful information about Florida’s lien laws and Pasco County’s local requirements.

Here are four main points of Florida’s lien law that you should be aware of before filing:

  1. If you don’t submit a notice to owner you’ll most likely lose your lien rights.
  2. In most other states, the deadline is triggered by the date of the official end of the project, but not in Florida. Most contractors will have 90 days to file after the last performance of work on a project.
  3. Sub-sub-subcontractors, suppliers to suppliers, suppliers to sub-sub-subcontractors, maintenance workers, and unlicensed contractors who are performing work that requires them to be licensed don’t have lien rights in Florida.
  4. Exaggerating the lien amount in Florida is a 3rd degree felony.

Check out our Florida Lien Laws FAQ page for a complete breakdown of these laws.

Pasco County’s requirements for recording mechanics liens are fairly standard. Below, you can find the Pasco County Clerk’s recording requirements, formatting requirements, recording and copy fees, contact information, as well as information regarding eRecording your lien and recording by mail in Pasco County.

When it comes to filing a mechanics lien in Florida, there’s no such thing as too much research. Visit our step-by-step guide to filing a mechanics lien in Florida for a complete breakdown of the Florida mechanics lien process.

Where is the Pasco County Clerk of Court that files mechanics liens?

The Pasco County Clerk has two office locations where you can go to file your mechanics liens.

You can bring your documents to the following office locations in person at the the addresses below:

East Pasco Government Center
14236 Sixth Street
Dade City, FL 33523

West Pasco Government Center
8731 Citizens Drive
New Port Richey, FL 34654

Office hours are 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. EST Monday-Friday, with the exception of 2018 & 2019 Holidays.
You can also submit documents through eRecording. All that is needed is a PC, scanner and internet connection to convert documents to an electronic format.You can contact the vendor listed below to sign up for eRecording.

Simplifile – or Phone 800-460-5657.
CSC – or Phone 866-403-5272.

What is Pasco County's Recording Backlog?

The Pasco County Clerk does not publicly disclose information on recording backlog.

Should I file my mechanics lien in Pasco County, or some other county?

If the project is located in Pasco county, then yes, you will want to record your lien with the Pasco County Clerk’s Office.

What are Pasco County's requirements for filing a mechanics lien?

All documents must comply with the Pasco County Clerk’s recording requirements. Make sure to check the following:

1. The date of the instrument

2. The names of all parties must be legible (how to count names)

3. Notary public seal and notary signature per Florida Statute 117.05

4. Return address

5. Make sure it is a Pasco County property referencing a legal description if the document deals with real property.

What are the margin and page size requirements to file a lien in Pasco County?

The margin and page size requirements to file a lien in Pasco are: All documents must comply with the 8 1/2″ x 11″ standard page size and must be no larger than 8 1/2″ x 14″. The top margin of the first page should be 3 inches with all other margins as 1 inch. Not meeting these margin and page size requirements may result in additional fees.

How can I make payment to the Pasco County Clerk?

The Pasco County Clerk accepts check payments. Note that out of state personal checks are not accepted.

What are the filing fees to record a mechanics lien in Pasco County?

The Pasco County Clerk’s recording fee is $10.00 for the first page and $8.50 for each additional page.

Additional Recording Fees

Indexing Per name for each name indexed after the first 4: $1.00

Copy Fees

Copies of recorded documents: $1.00 per page
Certification of recorded document: $2.00 per document.

How do I get a recorded copy of my lien from the Pasco County Clerk's Office?

You can obtain a recorded copy of your lien from any of the Pasco County Clerk’s office locations in person.

Indexes to Official Records can be searched online at

You may view and print the documents free of charge.

Certified copies of recorded documents may be purchased by mail using the copy order form. Copies of older documents, not available online, may also be purchased with the order form. The order form can be completed online and then printed by using Adobe Acrobat.

A copy of the order form is available here

Mail the form, payment and return envelope to:
Office of Nikki Alvarez-Sowles, Esq.
Pasco County Clerk & Comptroller, ad Interim
14236 Sixth Street
Suite 201
Dade City, FL 33523-3894

Make sure to include a self-addressed return envelope with sufficient postage. Note that the County Clerk does not accept out of state personal checks.
Copies of recorded documents may also be purchased online with a credit card via There is a convenience fee charged by to use this service.

Do I have the right to file a mechanics lien in Pasco Florida?

Determining whether you have the right to file a mechanics lien in Pasco, FL depends on your situation. Generally speaking, every state gives those who have furnished labor and/or materials to a construction project the right to file a mechanics lien if unpaid for the furnishing. The same is true in Florida. However, there are some state-specific limitations as to who is qualified to file a mechanics lien that is important when considering whether you have the right to file a mechanics lien in Pasco County, FL.

You can read more about lien rights and if you have the right to file a lien on our Florida Mechanics Lien Resources page.

What is the fee to file a Florida preliminary notice in Pasco County?

The fee to file a Florida Preliminary Notice in Pasco is $10.