Construction Payment Index

A data-driven measure of the coronavirus pandemic and its impact on construction industry payments.

At Levelset, we’re obsessed with helping contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers get paid what they earn as quickly as possible. We strive to publish reliable, data-driven information that they can count on to make better business decisions.

That’s why we created the Levelset Construction Payment Index: to help construction businesses better understand how macroeconomic events (like the coronavirus pandemic) are impacting their projects and payments.

National Construction Payment Index

See how construction payments are trending nationally and state-by-state through these unprecedented times.

Tracking construction’s path to recovery

Every construction business has been impacted by COVID-19. We’ve seen preliminary notices and lien filing activity spike as businesses fight to get to the front of the payment line. This pandemic has created unprecedented uncertainty and we don’t have a clear end in sight. Social distancing requirements reduce productivity on the jobsite. Contractors struggle to navigate ever-changing local, state, and national rules and regulations. And business insolvency is impacting new, existing, and upcoming construction projects.

However, we also know that the construction industry is going to get through these pandemic-driven challenges and recover. This index tracks the industry on its path to recovery.

The Data Behind the Construction Payment Index

The index, published weekly for the US and 50 states, provides a relative score of how construction payments are flowing through the industry.

We calculated the index by looking at 4 sets of data:

  • Construction Stoppage Data: How are states being impacted by government-imposed construction stoppages?
  • Dispute Index: How are payment disputes and lien filings trending by state?
  • New Project Index: How are new construction projects trending in each state?
  • New COVID-19 Case Data: How are confirmed cases trending in each state?