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For subcontractors looking to work with Mayer Building Company (MBC), it’s helpful to research the company’s history, past projects, and payment procedures. Establishing a relationship with a new GC requires careful consideration — especially if you want to get paid on time and in full. 

We’ve put together this guide to provide you with the information you need to decide if working with Mayer Building Company is the right choice for you.  

Mayer Building Company overview

Mayer Building Company is a New Orleans-based general contractor that specializes in commercial construction and historic renovations. The company was honored in 2020 by local newspaper City Business as part of their “Excellence in Construction and Real Estate” class. Owned by Ryan D. Mayer, the Mayer Building Company lists a number of past projects on its website, including:

  • Alon Medical Technology office renovations
  • Old US Mint and Jazz Museum preventative maintenance
  • Cara Stone Law Firm addition and renovations
  • French Truck Coffee cafe construction
  • Strayer University campus build-out

In short, the company has a wealth of experience in preserving New Orleans’ historic architecture, as well as designing, building, and renovating commercial spaces. 

Before working with Mayer Building Company

You’ll generally want to prequalify new general contractors before establishing a working relationship. Consider taking this same approach before working with Mayer Building Company to ensure that there are no red flags that could prevent payment down the road. 

Here are four actions you can take to prequalify Mayer (or any GC you’re working with):

  1. Review their payment profile. A company’s payment profile includes reviews about past projects from contractors who have worked with the company. A simplified pay score provides an overview of how quickly the GC pays its subcontractors.  
  2. Evaluate credit history. Just as subcontractors provide information to GCs to prove their reliability, subs should also request credit information to ensure a GC will be able to provide payment after work is completed.
  3. Read a sample subcontract. Taking a closer look at the terms of a typical contract will provide you with important information about insurance, safety, dispute resolution, and more. 
  4. Learn about company processes. Digging deeper into company processes for payment, change orders, lien waivers, and more will give you a sense of what to expect while working with them. 

If you’re satisfied with the prequalification process — or if you have lingering questions — you can reach out directly to Mayer Building Company. They’ll be able to provide additional context for anything you may have discovered while prequalifying them, or they can help you with the next steps for working with them. 

Good communication is key for both subcontractors and general contractors, so opening the lines of communication early helps you get a better sense of the company’s practices — and may help you get paid more quickly down the line. 

Getting paid by Mayer Building Company

The process for getting paid by Mayer Building Company is in line with many other general contractors. You’ll need to provide documentation before work starts, apply for progress payments during the project, and apply for your final payment as part of project closeout.

Before work starts

Before you begin to work on a project, MBC will require you to provide the following documentation:

  • Executed subcontractor agreement
  • Certificates of insurance
  • Submittals
  • W-9

These documents are typical for most GCs, and any additional documentation will be requested by a project manager at Mayer Building Company. 

Download Mayer Building Company’s sample subcontractor agreement

Progress payments

During the course of the project, Mayer Building Company requires subcontractors to apply for progress payments. Here’s what they require subcontractors to provide in order to get paid:

  • Project number (provided by MBC)
  • Progress billing amount
  • Balance to finish

According to the company’s payment procedures, subcontractors can expect to get paid within 30 days after submitting a valid payment request. 

Progress payment applications can be submitted to Beth Hall at Upon receipt of payment, subcontractors must submit an executed lien waiver.

Download Mayer Building Company’s sample change order form.

Project closeout

At the conclusion of a project with Mayer Building Company, you’ll likely need to follow typical closeout procedures in order to receive your final payment. For example, you may need to contribute to or provide some of the following documents:

  • Punch lists
  • Inspection certificates
  • Final pay app
  • Lien waivers

For MBC, your final pay app follows the same format as your progress payments: project number and billing amount. 

Final payment applications can be submitted to Beth Hall at Once you receive your final payment, the company also requires subcontractors to submit an executed lien waiver.

Download Mayer Building Company’s sample lien waiver

Forms & documents

Mayer Building Company provides the following sample forms and documents for subcontractors:

Who to contact at Mayer

Progress payments & lien waivers

Contact Beth Hall at to submit pay applications, lien waivers, and questions about payment.

General questions

For questions about prequalification, job information, or jobsite issues, contact owner Ryan Mayer at or 504-315-8423.

Tips for getting paid on any construction project

Regardless of the GC you’re working with, there are a few tried-and-true practices that help you get paid for your work. The construction industry is rife with slow payments, but a few tips can help you protect your payment rights and get paid more quickly.

  1. Know your state’s lien laws. Understanding your state’s laws for mechanic liens ensures that you send the right documentation to protect your payment rights.
  2. Send preliminary notices. A preliminary notice improves your visibility on a job site and may be required to protect your lien rights depending on the state you work in.
  3. Use other visibility documents. Other visibility documents, like invoice reminders, demand letters, and notices of intent to lien can help you get paid without having to file a mechanics lien.

Everyone deserves to get paid for the work they do. Make sure that you protect your payment rights when working with Mayer Building Company or any other GC. 

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