How to File a Mechanics Lien in Nebraska Guide

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How to File a Mechanics Lien in Nebraska Guide

This free guide outlines everything you need to know to protect your lien rights and get paid in Nebraska.

In the construction industry, financial risk is unavoidable. Until a project is completed and all payments have been made, someone is in a precarious financial situation. If you’re a contractor, material supplier, equipment lessor, or other hired party, you are likely assuming the most risk by providing labor or materials on credit.

How to File a Mechanics Lien in Nebraska Guide

Nebraska’s mechanics lien laws are relied upon by thousands of companies every day to protect the right to get paid. Lien law in Nebraska, like in all places, requires careful attention to detail. Any little mistake can invalidate the lien and put your receivables at risk. Failing to keep specified requirements in mind can jeopardize a your right to lien a project.

Everything you’ll need is provided in this guidebook:

  • What a mechanics lien is and how it works to get you paid on construction jobs
  • A simple, 4-step breakdown of the lien process
  • What must be included when filing a lien in Nebraska
  • How to file, and how to serve, a Nebraska lien
  • The role notices play in the mechanics lien process, from preliminary notices to notices of intent
  • How to release a lien if you receive payment, or enforce the lien if you don’t

We’ve also included a free Nebraska mechanics lien form, so you take what you’ve learned and get what you’ve earned.