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Certificate of Occupancy Checklist

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Certificate of Occupancy Checklist

This checklist is essential for any contractor nearing the end of a project. It allows you to keep track of what needs to be done before the job can be deemed complete and a Certificate of Occupancy – sometimes called a Use-and-Occupancy Certificate or a “CO” – can be obtained. Certificate of Occupancy Checklist

It is becoming increasingly common for owners/project managers to tie final payment to both the Certificate of Occupancy and the Certificate of Substantial Completion. Meaning, retainage, and any outstanding final payments will remain in limbo until both certificates have been issued.

This document certifies the property’s use, signifies that the structure is fit for occupancy, and ensures that the structure complies with all housing and building codes. This checklist covers some of the more common final checks on a project to ensure you get the CO can be obtained.