This is the homepage for Levelset articles about recession and the construction industry. An economic recession negatively impacts all industries, but the effects can be particularly damaging to the construction industry.

No matter what the circumstances of the recession are, the result is always the same – there’s a drop in economic activity, business slow expansion, sales decrease, and some businesses can even go under. There are many ways to prepare your business for a recession and make sure your ride the recession out with grace. Below, you can find articles about how to manage your credit during a recession, diversifying your business during a recession, cutting overhead costs, optimizing your job costing methods, managing contracts, and more. There are also handy legal updates and news that keeps you in the loop during a major event, like the COVID-19 pandemic.

If you need help with recession in construction, like many other contractors and companies do, you can read out guides below. Alternatively, you can turn to the Expert Center for advice. The Expert Center is an outlet for construction professionals to ask questions and receive answers from construction attorneys and payment specialists. You can either review the questions that have already been asked, or ask your own question for free. The Expert Center is an invaluable resource to many contractors during an economic downturn, and it could be the key to the problem you’re currently facing.

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