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Alfaro Painting is a Painter based in Oakland, California. They’ve worked on 0 project based on available information. On this page you can find reviews, job history, office information, and more to ensure successful projects together.

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2640 62nd Ave
Oakland, CA 94605

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License 1040996

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On average, 4 companies rated Alfaro Painting with mostly positive feedback on past and ongoing construction projects.

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Alfaro ‘s is a great company they are doing excelente work responsable and respet fulls

  2 years ago
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Alfaro Painting's Past Projects and Payment History

Alfaro Painting has worked on 0 jobs in the last 12 months. This contractor scores a C for payment and ranks in the top 75% of small U.S. contractors.

There are no reported instances of slow payment in the last 12 months for Alfaro Painting. You can continue to browse their payment performance and typical contract terms.

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-- / 850
Top 75%Small companies
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