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XTO Energy Inc. is a Property Owner / Public Entity who has done 52 projects in the last 12 months and 417 projects in recent years according to available project information.

Reviews of XTO Energy Inc.

On average, 5 companies rated XTO Energy Inc. with mostly positive feedback on past and ongoing construction projects.

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Terrible...it was so good when it was local people processing invoices and payments. Since it has been outsourced to a foreign country, it takes forever to get payment and things get lost over email. So disappointed.

  2 months ago

Normally very timely & efficient, however, my latest ACH oayment (which I received an email notice for) is lost somewhere and cannot be found. It was never deposited in my business checking account. My bank is trying to help me find it, but, no one from XTO will reply to her.

  11 months ago
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XTO Energy Inc.'s Project and Payment History
Bottom 25%Medium companies

XTO Energy Inc. has worked on 52 jobs in the last 12 months. Contractors and vendors reported being paid on-time on 92% of projects in the last 12 months. XTO Energy Inc. scores a A for payment and ranks in the bottom 25% of medium property owners.

Slow payment reported (90+ days) for Commercial project in Coyanosa, Texas at
31.20790, -103.07248, Coyanosa, TX 79730


6 months ago

Work worth:

Less than $1,000

Slow payment reported (90+ days) for Commercial project in Midkiff, Texas at
Hwy 349 & Fm 2401, Midkiff, TX 79755


7 months ago

Work worth:

Over $5,000

Slow payment reported (90+ days) for Commercial project in Orla, Texas at
31.854970, -103.8964181, Orla, TX 79770


10 months ago

Work worth:

Over $5,000

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XTO Energy Inc. Project and Payment Info

Payment Score85 / 100
Bottom 25%Medium companies

Compared to other property owners' pay history, XTO Energy Inc.'s payment score is A.

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101 Co Rd 728 Loving, NM 88256
210 Park Ave Unit 2350, Oklahoma City
6401 Holiday hl Rd Bldg 5, Midland4326828873
101-57 CR 728 Loving, NM 88256
3104 E Greene St Carlsbad, NM 882208877329
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