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I spent 14.5 hours deep cleaning a house. I told the owners a deep clean rough estimate started at $280, but I would not know the total cost until I was finished the job. The house hadn't been cleaned in a long time. Plus the had a 100lb pig, 3 dogs. Inside pets. The pet hair and grime was on doors, base boards, walls windows, furniture bed frames, everywhere-every door, windowpane, etc. had to be wiped with a new rag 3x. With crud critter or windex. Ceiling fans~black hunks of dust so think I used 12 swiffers on 3. Dog urine on basement floor. So I'm painting this picture to make one understand the labor & materials were triple of a normal deep clean. They refuse to pay when they get invoice because they say I quoted $280. I threatened calling the Police for "Theft of Service" they begrudgingly paid $280. I was to put a lien on their house. Can I? I also removed mold from the tub. ...Read More
Candace Daniels
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North CarolinaProfessional Development
After working for me for a few months, an employee paid as a contractor offered to work for no payment in lieu of my company paying her monthly mortgage, Which was done. She was also reimbursed for any expenses. Now she is leaving & presented me with a spreadsheet of a year's worth of "unpaid" salary. what do I do? My small company is in Texas. ...Read More
Terri Duncan
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TexasProfessional Development
I am a Drywall contractor. I finished a job for a general contractor and have not been paid the final amount. Can I file a Machanics lein with out a preliminary notice. In Montana. Its residential. ...Read More
Charles Hoff
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MontanaProfessional Development
seeking funding for a restorative building project ...Read More
Douglas hosang
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TexasProfessional Development
How do I file the and existing mechanics lien release? Through your company...Read More
Billie Baker
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IllinoisProfessional Development
My roommate owes me money. She owns a home and just refinanced . But she doesn’t want to pay me the money she owes me ...Read More
Jerry Torres
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CaliforniaProfessional Development
My company is a federally registered sub-contracted company called Cassini Solutions LLC dba CS BANK & Trust. Back in December, I signed up to be a Secretary of Hud Lender and also remitted funds to pay for a person who is no longer alive and the house was foreclosed back in 2018. I sent remittance of funds to pay for what this man owed when an unlawful contractor was upset that I redeemed this property. There was a discharged mortgage sent to the local register of deeds office and decided to pursue what is now called the unhand the land initiative in the #1 area in the country of Abandoned home to person ratio. I have recommended and stoped my planning to redeem a small fraction of over 220,000 abandoned homes in my area. The deed is not recorded and I have reason to believe the register of deeds in the county is committing fraud. The Secretary of HUD is no longer responding to me and I do believe did send the transfer title I requested back in December and I had a couple of revisions that needed to take place and sent the revised package back in January on the 11th 2021. There is a new SEC HUD administration and they are the only ones with a lien on the building. I did start major construction and even set up my office there that has an unlawful UNSANITARY NOTICE ON THE DOOR because the town's assessment office refused to turn on my water until the register deed title was transferred into my name. I hate to Sue the (SEC HUD or put a lien for the amount I have authorized payment for and I have not renewed our contract) I would like to file a notice of intent to file a mechanic's or construction lien for time invested, loss of wages, emotional stress, and damages, infringement of my copyrighted work and statutory damages and I am now working out of a broken-down trailer that was supposed to be under construction and has mold on the out side of the property. If you could please advise what I should do I would like to explore all options and have this poor man whom his beloved jewish son is crying out online video to be put to rest....Read More
Suhila Cassini
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Credit ProcessesRisk ManagementCustomer RelationshipsProfessional Development
I am totally unaware how this photo got placed on my site information. It is NOT me. Please look at my website for clarification. ...Read More
Larry Powe
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Professional Development
I was contracted in and not paid for the four weeks that I have worked....Read More
Emory Cox
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Credit ProcessesRisk ManagementCustomer RelationshipsProfessional Development
Hello , I am working in the AR team and would like to understand how to calculate CEI. Especially how to find out credit sales from AR? Your help in this matter is greatly appreciated. Thank you Purvi Gandhi . ...Read More
purvi gandhi
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Professional Development
I just got hired as an office manager for an HVAC company in California, and I’m worried I’m in way over my head. They’re asking me to review credit applications and make sure we’re protecting our payments. Yesterday I had to read a joint check agreement, the first one I’d ever seen! Any advice for a newbie to help me get organized and keep my head above water?...Read More
Sophie Oliver
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Professional Development
What happens if the owner of a business contracted a third party vendor to help with marketing materials and signed a contract with an agreed upon set fee. Later, an employee said YES to the third party vendor to continue to add additional hours to this project without the business owner consent, he was not aware of this new arrangement. The employee has left the company and the third party vendor wants to obtain payment for their services rendered. In this type of situation who would be responsible to pay the bill/payment due? Should the owner of the business be responsible because their employee made decisions before asking? Or should the marketing company be at fault for not speaking with the person (in this case the business owner) who signed the agreement, before doing extra hours of work? ...Read More
Anastasia Cher
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Professional Development
I’m applying to credit manager positions with general contractors and other construction companies in my area. I understand the basics, but I’m worried I don’t have the x factor that will get me hired. What should I bring to the table during an interview that would put me head and shoulders above the other applicants?...Read More
Lily King
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Professional Development
I just got a job as a credit manager at a general contractor, and am brand new to the industry. I feel like I’m back in grade school -- there are so many new topics that I haven’t dealt with before - liens, retainage, etc. I’m learning a lot, but I feel kinda overwhelmed. Where do I start?...Read More
Amanda Hodges
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Professional Development