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Customer Relationships
Storage company auction my belongings after a late payment and won’t work with me to get it payed...Read More
Angel Richardson
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Customer Relationships
Pretty overwhelming and long story but basically the truck is done and still in the shop which is planning to put a lien on it. I'm broke and barely getting back to the normalcy of life after being homeless. There are some pretty relavent details of what we have been dealing with, but it boils down to a good truck in need of a transmission and whether the shop is permitted to file a lien on it without me or my boyfriend signing off on anything that's not in direct function of the transmission. I have only a receipt for the truck to get towed to the shop and evaluated to get an idea of what I can expect to be billed for and whether to proceed. I paid$500 to get the truck worked on and held up for ransom! That's not including the cash that was originally borrowed, ($500) and given to the guy who claimed to work at the transmission shop. (Yeah) So far that's $1,000 and I have to be able to pull out another $2,100 est in order to get it back. I'm not sure what I can do and if I have any rights as a consumer. Please help! ...Read More
Brandie Ross
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We completed a job and did not get the homeowners name for some reason. Am I am to file a prelim and eventually a lein if they don't pay? It was a verbal agreement ...Read More
Christy Crawford
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Customer Relationships
I am a radiologist and performed MRI scans under my medical licensure before my MRI center was forced to file for bankruptcy protection as result of COVID. Under UCC 9.309, a perfected security interest attached immediately and automatically to me as the medical provider. The bankruptcy Judge claimed that I cannot both own the health care insurance receivables and have a perfected security interest. It is my understanding that this "belt AND supspenders" arrangement was designed to assure that the doctor-patient relationship was protected. Is anyone aware of any stautory or case precedent that prohibits a doctor from BOTH owning his accounts receivable and having a perfected security interest pursuant to UCC 9.309. Thanks ...Read More
Douglas Smith
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I was contracted in and not paid for the four weeks that I have worked....Read More
Emory Cox
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Can you put a lien on a mortgage company? The company did not return funds from an insurance claim that was a hurricane....Read More
Rosalie Jenkins
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Customer Relationships
I have a problem where customer pays $200.00 over the amount agreed for first original agreement, but refuses to acknowledge additional requested services requested as itemized via DM messages. I have drafted a second notice to set the record straight, which i plan to send via certified mail. Outlining in five pages refusal to pay requested additional services, Remedy sought ( four items), Suggested settlement to avoid Mechanic lien filing. Last day of work 11/28/2020....Read More
Hjean Williams
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We’re a small subcontractor and we lost our right to file a mechanics lien on a recent project due to a pay when paid clause. Can we avoid these terms in future contracts entirely, or is there some other way around them?...Read More
Bruce Morgan
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i need to know abuut enforce expiration date. i paid you over 300 dollars and i couldvee done it myself for 20 some dollars what is expires in one year to enforce . this is not a gimmick my fee should include everything not just sending lien to county clerk...Read More
Al Alia
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Customer Relationships
I work for a material supplier in upstate New York. I believe that in New York, pre-requirements to file a mechanic's lien are few, i.e. no advance notice is necessary to be furnished either to our direct customers (often contractors or sub-contractors on jobs) or to the property owner. However, we sometimes find ourselves wishing that we'd done something in advance of filing the lien to be a tad more proactive and let the owner or general contractor know that payments are not being received in a timely manner and that we may file a lien to facilitate payment. Is there a commonly used threshold (order dollar amount-wise) that companies use to decide whether to give notice to owners or GCs either at the time of initial order or when payments become delinquent? ...Read More
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my wife is a makeup artist who when into a contracted agreement with a bride for make up work. the bride put a nonrefundable deposit down and bought a flight for my wife then, the bride decided cancel. My wife canceled the flight 4month after the bride canceled her contract so the Credit for the flight was under my wifes name which is the airlines policy. The bride wanted her deposit back so my wife agreed to giver her 50% of her deposit back, which in the contract states she wasn't entitled to and thus voids the contract. After that my wife used the flight credits and now after 5 months the bride comes back and says she wants her full deposit and the cost of the flight paid back in full. She claims it was unjust enrichment on the part of my wife. for using the flight credit....Read More
isaac cacho
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Customer Relationships
This is more of a website question. Dutchints has several mechanic leins or several properties. This used to be reflexed but he added several comments a few days ago so levelset can portray the company as one that pays its debt. They currently owe miilions in liens, and several companies haven’t filed and granted extensions for him. With the new “unnamed” reviews, contractors will be harmed. Thks Thks...Read More
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Customer Relationships
My credit department is turning down more clients than I would like and my sales team doesn’t seem to take our credit policies to heart. This tells me I need to make changes somewhere, but I have no clue what needs to change. What can I do to strike the perfect balance between taking on a ton of new clients and only taking on risk-free clients?...Read More
Jack Randall
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I’m new to the construction industry, and I’m feeling a lot of pressure to reduce the time it takes for our clients to pay our invoices. As the credit manager, how can I strengthen our collection routine to make sure we get paid quicker?...Read More
Russell Wright
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