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I am a homeowner and released my contractor within 48 hours. He is placing a 20 prelim on my house and will not give me an invoice to pay for services. How do I dispute this to ensure a mechanics lien does not go on my property?...Read More
Candice Roberts
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ArizonaCustomer Relationships
Levelset already sent the intent to lien. Now i need to proceed with my Mechanic's Lien with the Clark County Recorders office...Read More
Donald W Wade Jr.
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NevadaCustomer Relationships
Florida state residential contractor . homeowner owes me 8k for materials & labor sealing exterior of home & buy & install 1k worth of siding. keep saying that he would pay than asked for more work & I said no till i have been paid. Now he wont pay at all. This has been going on for 1 to 2 years now. have done things for him for 20 years. never signed anything so ?...Read More
Allan Higgins
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FloridaCustomer Relationships
I have a question about filling out the initial lean form...Read More
Hal Helmker
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LouisianaCustomer Relationships
We are exploring whether we should be filing UCC liens on our subcontractor's that also provide materials? Is there a threshold that is required or a ratio of a subcontract of material vs labor?...Read More
Sarah Amick
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WashingtonRisk ManagementCustomer Relationships
I am a tenant that's been working on a 25 yr friends townhome while staying there. It's been over a year now and he's done a complete 180 on me after he flooded my home allowing 4 pipes to burst inside it. I did over a years worth of work for that place and it was almost done. Just needed to put some poly down on the floors. He's completely broke. He kept asking me for help and money and now I'm over paid on rent over 10k, he hasn't put a penny toward any of the work I've done or materials (another 120k, and I've also redid his 2nd townhome thats cost me about 40k. Most of the work I did myself. Now he needs more money and has sold my townhome. Gave me 8 days to move out. Rents unconditional ways...but in cash payments. The total does not include any of the work I've done, only a few materials, actual rent payments, and others ( like I paid his storage fees for 5 months, I paid for both sets of utilities for a year, I gave him 4k cash last month to help him catch up and not to sell the townhome I live in, etc.) He did it behind my back anyway and told me the day after I gave him the cash. 2k cash was given to painters for his other townhome, which we were supposed to AIRBNB together. The day after t they finish painting...he pulls the plug telling me I can't do anything with the condo any more. It's absolutely nuts. I've been used .... keeping him afloat for a year. Now....I want to get paid before he sells the townhome tomorrow. My list of items I've worked on has stretched to over 700 completed tasks. I can screw this mechanics lien up on these two properties. Everything is riding on it for me. How detailed does it have to be? Do i have to have a contract? Can he evict me after 8 days even with all the cash i've given him?...Read More
Leslie Peters
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TexasCredit ProcessesRisk ManagementCustomer RelationshipsCredit Teams
I am an architectural designer registered LLC in Texas who produced plans for a developer in North Carolina. I received 75% of the payment but have not received the rest upon completion of the project. The remaining amount is only a little over $300. However, I have a late fee stipulation in the contract that could climb the amount due significantly. What legal options do I have, albeit such a small amount?...Read More
Anonymus Anonymus
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North CarolinaCustomer Relationships
Please give me the definition of substantial completion for a subcontractor who has completed his portion of the project....Read More
Erik Brown
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CaliforniaCustomer Relationships
Can I file a mechanics lien for residential services that are not post construction specifically? ...Read More
Sandra Price
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CaliforniaCustomer Relationships
I have a mechanic here stateing that. He fixed my car when really all he did was take a part off he did not give me the coast of this job until 2 days after wards and did not complete the job but made it far worse and never came bk to finish the job. Now he is here this mornig try to give me a lien on my vehicle is this e en legal...Read More
Ashley Caffery
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TexasCustomer Relationships
Storage company auction my belongings after a late payment and won’t work with me to get it payed...Read More
Angel Richardson
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Customer Relationships
Pretty overwhelming and long story but basically the truck is done and still in the shop which is planning to put a lien on it. I'm broke and barely getting back to the normalcy of life after being homeless. There are some pretty relavent details of what we have been dealing with, but it boils down to a good truck in need of a transmission and whether the shop is permitted to file a lien on it without me or my boyfriend signing off on anything that's not in direct function of the transmission. I have only a receipt for the truck to get towed to the shop and evaluated to get an idea of what I can expect to be billed for and whether to proceed. I paid$500 to get the truck worked on and held up for ransom! That's not including the cash that was originally borrowed, ($500) and given to the guy who claimed to work at the transmission shop. (Yeah) So far that's $1,000 and I have to be able to pull out another $2,100 est in order to get it back. I'm not sure what I can do and if I have any rights as a consumer. Please help! ...Read More
Brandie Ross
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Credit ProcessesRisk ManagementCustomer RelationshipsTools & Software
We completed a job and did not get the homeowners name for some reason. Am I am to file a prelim and eventually a lein if they don't pay? It was a verbal agreement ...Read More
Christy Crawford
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Customer Relationships
I am a radiologist and performed MRI scans under my medical licensure before my MRI center was forced to file for bankruptcy protection as result of COVID. Under UCC 9.309, a perfected security interest attached immediately and automatically to me as the medical provider. The bankruptcy Judge claimed that I cannot both own the health care insurance receivables and have a perfected security interest. It is my understanding that this "belt AND supspenders" arrangement was designed to assure that the doctor-patient relationship was protected. Is anyone aware of any stautory or case precedent that prohibits a doctor from BOTH owning his accounts receivable and having a perfected security interest pursuant to UCC 9.309. Thanks ...Read More
Douglas Smith
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Credit ProcessesCustomer RelationshipsCredit Teams
I was contracted in and not paid for the four weeks that I have worked....Read More
Emory Cox
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